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Friday, July 1, 2022

Is Sustainable Clothing Better Quality

For us plus-size folk, our selection of sustainable options in fashion has, in the past, been pretty few and far between. While many of the more sustainable brands basically stopped at straight sizes, we were left with no choice but to shop from bigger brands who cater to our sizes but a lot of the time were fast fashion. 

Today, we are loving that there are a growing number of sustainable choices open to us. Find out more about how you can know if a fashion brand is sustainable here.

Yet sustainable fashion often comes with a higher price tag. So we want to ask, is sustainable clothing better quality than fast fashion? 

To answer this, we’ll look at a range of factors. From price, fabric, longevity and even the dyes used.

Featured Image: @shop_altar

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion 

Brands that follow a sustainable fashion business model are also sometimes called slow fashion brands. 

Whilst fast fashion mass produces clothes based on trends with the intention that they’ll be worn a few times before being discarded and the customer will be back to buy something else, the opposite is true for slow fashion. For them, the focus is on creating timeless pieces that are made to last. 

Another major difference between fast and slow fashion is the working environment. Fast fashion has got itself an extremely bad rep for this including child labour and sweatshop like conditions. 

However for sustainable and ethical businesses, clean and safe working practices are super important. As well as making sure that everyone involved in production is paid a fair living wage.

Sustainable Clothing Lasts Longer

The timeless designs of sustainable clothing brands are designed to last you longer and the best way to do that is to make sure that they are super high quality. 

From using durable fabrics and finishes plus minimalist designs that stand the test of time, your sustainable pieces will last you 20, 30 or even 50 years to come.

Buy less, wear more

Pricing is probably one of, if not THE, biggest reason that puts people off from buying sustainable clothing. We know that it can be expensive, yet by paying their workers a fair living wage for their skills and expertise plus investing in high quality fabrics - costs are higher.

While we would love to have an infinite budget to spend on clothes, it's not very realistic. Instead vote with your wallet and make more conscious buying decisions. 

Do you really need a whole new outfit for you next date night? Or could you just simply just change up the styling with accessories? 

By wearing the same item in many different ways you can create more individual looks and give your closet must-haves a makeover. 

Sustainable Clothing is Better For Your Skin

One of the many benefits of natural fibers is that they can be hypoallergenic. Bamboo, for example, is also anti-bacterial and offers UV protection. Great news for your skin and health.

Many sustainable clothing brands also use natural dyes in production. Like red onion and beet. Dyes used elsewhere in the industry have been shown to use chemicals that can be harmful and even toxic.