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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

4 Bloggers To Follow In June 2021

No matter your size, race, gender, age or who you love we all deserve to live, love, and laugh free of judgment and prejudice. This month we are celebrating 4 bloggers who are living their best lives and sharing their messages of self-love, mental health and physical health awareness.

Featured Image: Jae Bae Productions

Jae Bae Productions 

Plus size content creator and self-love warrior, Jae’Lynn aka Jae Bae Productions is on a mission to share a message of body acceptance, fat acceptance, and empowering others to love themselves and their bodies, no matter what.

We love Jae Bae’s vibe and the Fab Fat Fierce clothing range.

Follow Jae Bae on Insyze and check out the My Style collection

Blogs that we love:

Loving and accepting Your Body

Self Care 101

AP Young 

Alicia of the AP Young blog is a writer, vibe curator and owner of both APY Thrift and AP Young Beauty Collection. The AP Young blog is a lifestyle blog that wants to create a dialogue around mental and psychical health and we are so here for it!

Check out the awesome My Vibes collection and follow Alicia on Insyze:

Blog posts you need to read:

How To Unplug - The Art Of Mental Restoration

Size Inclusive - The Phrase That’s Bamboozled The Fashion Industry

Crowned CaNesha

CaNesha is living her personal fairytale and we love reading about how CaNesha is loving the life that she’s living on the blog. The 40 something lifestyle blogger writes about love, life at everything in between and we love the refreshing take on the single life! 

Follow Crowned CaNesha on Insyze:

Blog posts to read right now:

I’m Just Single

Dia and Co is for you

Joi Louise Hall 

Joi-Louise is a plus-size content creator and influencer who is to transforming plus-sized style and uses her platform to talk about style, beauty and home-decor. We’re so grateful that Joi-Louise is sharing her experiences about lymphedema to not only educate us about the condition but also share tips and advice. 

Check out Joi-Louise’s gorgeous Brunch With The Ladies collection right here on Insyze. 

Amazing posts on the blog: 

What You Need To Know/ Do Before Flying With Lymphedema

Sophisticated Style With Fashion To Figure

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