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Friday, November 23, 2018

5 Bloggers to follow in January 2018

2018 has arrived! Whilst we are all trying to stick to our resolutions and shed those extra few pounds that you know that you put on during the festive months Insyze are here with our top 5 five bloggers to follow in January.

Gabi Fresh

First, on our list, this month is the incredible Gabi Fresh, one half of the new ‘Plus Size’ clothing band Premme. Gabi Gregg is one the original ‘Plus Size’ bloggers. She has tons of collaborations with clothing brands and even charities. Our top posts include ‘White Hot’ and ‘Beachy and Peachy

Source: Gabi Fresh

A Rose Like This

Chunky yet funky blogger and designer Rosemary Florence of A Rose Like This is a girl after our own hearts with a love of all things vintage with a theatrical flair. Some of our favourite recent posts are ‘Velvet Dream’ and ‘Lady In Red’ and you can find her designs right here.

Source: A Rose Like This

Curves and Chaos

The Curves and Chaos blog on Tumblr is fun fresh and affordable and you can find our top posts hereand here.

Source: Curves and Chaos

Nerd About Town

Londoner, Steph advocates body confidence with her ‘plus size’ blog Nerd About Town. We love her quirky, individual style. Top posts include  ‘Honestly, Truly’  and ‘Can I Get That In Size Fat

Source: Nerd About Town

Lu Zieht An

German blogger Luciana posts all about make-up and fashion in her blog Lu Zieht An because when you feel good about yourself you can rule the world. Top posts: ‘Sequins and Black’ and ‘Red Boots

source: Lu Zieht An

So there you have it, Insyze’s top 5 bloggers to follow in January.  We love these bloggers for their diverse style and amazing positivity.  Tell us which blogs you’ve been loving during the past month.