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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

5 Bloggers To Follow In November 2019

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so for our 5 Bloggers To Follow in November 2019 we want to share with you five bloggers who we are thankful for. These unstoppable bloggers and entrepreneurs are changing lives; from uplifting inspiration, body confidence, fitness, and style tips that we can’t live without read on to see which 5 bloggers we are obsessed with. Oh, and did we mention that this is a US and Canada edition too!

Featured Image: With Wonder And Whimsy

The Stylish Reid 

Annika Reid of The Stylish Reid wants you to embrace your curves stylishly. We love how Annika shares her style tips, not only just through her evergreen blog and insta feed, but also through style sessions,  boutique, personal shopping, and even fashion parties. - We want to go! 

If you love Annika’s styles as much as we do then you can find it at Stylish Apparel where Annika curates show-stopping styles that perfect for every occasion, from a glam night out to to a beach-ready vacay.

Posts to read right now:

Honing The Craft To Perfection

Body Positive Or Not….

With Wonder And Whimsy 

Liz McGuffin is the author of the With Wonder and Whimsy blog and one half of the social media marketing agency Boutique Consultants with  Anne Adams a.k.a. Curls and Contours.

We are obsessed with Liz’s cutesy, femme style with pastel color vibes and a to - die- for hat collection so just to include her in our bloggers to follow in November 2019.

The plus-size fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger  believes that you can ‘wear what you love and find ways to romance the every day.’ Check out her blog for style tips that you just can’t live without plus more. 

Blog posts we love:

What To Wear This Thanksgiving 

2 ways To Layer Dresses For Fall 

Sarah Taylor's Journey

Sarah Taylor is a model, blogger and personal trainer who wants to share the message of body positivity and help others to live their best lives. Through her blogs Sarah shares her struggles with acceptance and abuse to show others that with confidence and positivity you can overcome anything. Yaaaas Queen! 

The Fitness by Sarah Taylor program, both online and IRL is a safe place for the plus-size community to go to work out without judgment.

Must-read posts:

4 Tips To Build Your Body Confidence

And over on the fitness blog

Loving The Reflection Looking Back At You 

Style Over Size

‘Because Style Has Nothing To Do With Size’ - We love this tagline so much and everything about Jami Jaye! The mathematics grad, lover of Basketball, blogger, and ⅓ of the IG Wives knows that style is not something that can be bought; it’s something that you radiate with a banging outfit and a whole lot of sass. 

Find out more about the IG Wives on our Top 100 US and Canada Plus Size Bloggers  post.

Posts we love:

Spotted At BlogHer 

Thanksgiving Ready Y’All

Kala Riggins

Kala Riggins is a creator, slayer, motivator, consultant and all-round badass.  The plus-size fashion and beauty blogger and YouTuber is also the founder of the social media and brand strategy firm Kr.creative.

We are loving the Beneath The Seams series on Youtube that gets all in your business. It’s real, it’s personal and we are here for it!

Check out: 

Having Self Confidence Physically and Mentally 

Dress How You Want To Be Addressed 

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