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Monday, February 10, 2020

5 Non-Binary and Queer Plus Size Bloggers To Follow in 2020

We still have a long way to come as far as inclusivity and visibility for non-binary, queer and trans people are concerned. But one thing's for sure, there are some incredible influencers who are taking a stand against societal norms and inspiring us all to be our true selves.

The plus size community is varied in terms of gender, location and style, with some of the most incredible people we've ever met! And it's with no doubt that a huge part of our community are the non-binary and queer activists that are fighting for a fairer and more inclusive and accepting world, not just for fat folks, but also those who struggle with their gender identity or sexuality.

So this month, we want to use our '5 Bloggers' series to celebrate 5 queer and non-binary plus size bloggers and influencers who don't conform to stereotypes or what the world tells them they 'should' be.

Featured Image: Style Is Style


Let’s talk about ComfyFat; the power-house blog all about fat activism, self-care, mental health and travelling as a plus size person.

We love reading their thought provoking and well argued posts including: 

Why Care about Fat Accessibility . We 10000% agree with the point about seats on planes. In fact, in our plus size travel tips blog we showed you that seats on some airlines, seats have become up to 3 inches smaller! Human beings are not shrinking so why are seat sizes! 

Whilst you are there, you should also totally read Super Fat in the Workplace. I mean, can I get a HELL YES!

Hunter Ashleigh

As a self-proclaimed non-binary shape-shifter and artist, Hunter is the creator and director of both the Southern body liberation organization and the Free Figure Revolution. These campaigns focus on ‘decolonizing anti-black body violence.’

As if we weren’t already totally in awe of how incredible Hunter is, they have also created both ‘the fat census’ and ‘the Queer Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survey.’ which help to create safe spaces for marginalised bodies as well as vulnerable communities in over 49 countries. 

Hunter's writing has been featured in For Harriet, Wear Your Voice Magazine, Black Girl Dangerous and Everyday Feminism to name a few.

Read these:

Black Girl Interrupted: My Body, The World and Non-Binary Me

Queer Like Me: Breaking The Chains Of Femme Invisibilty

Style is Style

Lydia Okello of Style is Style is a freelance writer model and blogger. You may have seen their work published in magazines like Glamour and Seventeen, Buzzfeed and modelling for Premme. (oh how we miss it)

Evergreen posts we love:

Nettles Tale: Real Talk

Let’s Get Into Trouble: You Make It Look Good

View this post on Instagram

“the picture in the great hall” #selfportrait

A post shared by LYDIA OKELLO (@styleisstyle) on

The Huntswoman

Brianne Huntsman aka The Huntswoman is a creative consultant, fashion designer and blogger.We love reading Brianne’s uplifting  and feel-good blogs, all about plus size fashion, business, travel, the LGBTQ community as well as empowering women.

Check out these posts:

How I Feel Confident Wearing Plus Size Lingerie we love the 4 top tips to how you can feel confident wearing sexy cute lingerie!

What I Learned In 2019 And How I Process The Year

Lydia Hudgens

Lydia Hudgens is one of the most the most iconic plus -size photographers but did you know know that she also has a blog. Lydia has worked for everyone from 11 Honore, Simply Be, Swimsuits For All and Premme. On the blog, Lydia shares some stunning outfits posts plus introspective pieces that are totally relatable. As a photographer herself, you can expect photos on the blog to be simply incredible, and she does not disappoint!

Individual Nymphs

Black and White

We love finding out more about the people in the plus size community that make it such a  great and varied place to exist. Have you been inspired by these bloggers? 

Leave us a DM on Instagram to tell us who inspires you!

For more articles like this check out our interview with Maggie McGill or read our body positive messages from plus size bloggers.