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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Blogger Spotlight: Faustina Addo

Our Blogger this week is one we're so excited to highlight: Faustina Addo, or @TinasTube on Instagram and YouTube. On the surface, you'll see Faustina's fabulous outfits and her plus size blog, but she is so much more than that.

Originally from Ghana in West Africa, she is now based in the DC area serving up looks and continuous confidence boosters on her social platforms.

In addition to being a mother and having completed a Bachelors, MBA and in the process of completing her Masters, she is up at midnight recording YouTube content and working on her blog on the weekends.

Faustina shared a few of her Insyze collections with us and we are loving her picks! You can check out her profile here.

Faustina's Collections

Classic Office Piece

Plus size office wear is always important. A killer workwear piece that you can feel and look fabulous in will never go out of style! Check out all the picks here.

Jumpsuits for all Occasions

Who doesn't love a plus size jumpsuit? We sure do! Faustina picked out some fabulous options that are flattering and fashionable. Check out the collection here.

Faustina's Interview

In addition to sharing her Collections, we also had the pleasure of interviewing Faustina. We dive into her experience plus size blogging and general tips and tricks to face the world as a plus size influencer.

When and why did you decide to join the blogging world?

I don't know if this will sound strange but I didn't know about blogging until May 2020. I started a Youtube Channel in September 2019 and I heard one YouTuber saying you can grow on YouTube if you have followers on Instagram. My original aim was to get followers on Instagram to go watch my YouTube videos and that's how I found myself and discovered the word blogging. Prior to joining Instagram, I was an influencer without knowing because I would post everything about myself on Facebook and Whatsapp and I had a huge following. People who would buy anything I recommended whereas others just loved to be around me because of my sense of humor. So after discovering Instagram I decided to do this on a bigger platform where I would be seen and heard in addition to youtube and that's how I joined the blogging world.

What is your favorite platform to communicate with people, YouTube, Instagram or your blog?

I will say Instagram because I have a strong community of women who bond with me in the most authentic way especially on my Instagram stories. To be honest, I am very glad I discovered Instagram because of the people who transformed my life as a result of me following them.

How do you manage to stay on top of work, school, family and blogging as well?!

It has not been an easy journey for me at all juggling everything and I use my Instagram to vent a lot. I am someone who loves to be in multiple projects but without family. Adding my kids to my routine is the toughest I've ever had to deal with as a Mom and a Blogger who tried to keep a 9-5 job and side hustles. Currently, my kids are my priority so I shoot YouTube content at midnight when everyone is sleeping and IG content on weekends when my husband is home. 

What do you hope your viewers get from following you? Confidence? Tips? Etc.

As someone who used to struggle with self-doubt and low esteem, I have grown to understand that I am enough and capable of anything and that I can be the true version of me and nobody else. I have become more open to discuss certain things about myself. Things that the Old Me would never have shared especially on social media. So I hope to inspire my followers with my life as I remain authentic and true to myself by sharing the good times and the bad times. 

How would you describe your style? What is the go-to outfit of yours?

I would throw on a Pair of jeans any day. I also like dresses and jumpsuits. Overall I love classic pieces that accentuate my curves and fit my body type. I also love shopping for deals at a low price. 

Your Instagram exudes so much confidence and love, what is a tip you think everyone should know about loving themselves?

I am so glad to hear that about my page and I give all the credit to Hayet Rida because She helped me through her IG LIves to discover myself. All my life I begged for friendship. I wrote letters to people BEGGING them to add me to their friend list. I was always seeking love and attention from people because I didn't love myself. To everyone reading this I want to say to you that loving yourself is the only way to fight mental health. The Bible even says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God which means every one is unique and cannot be compared to another. The moment I discovered that I am unique and different, I allowed myself to tap into utmost potential regardless of what people thought. I am enough and I am worth it. Anyone who has me as a friend is Lucky to have me and when they don't want me anymore they can go because I am not a disposal bottle. I am a person, I am enough and I love me. 

You are very open on your social platforms, has this always been the case or have you started to open up more?

I will say I just started being this open. I was always afraid of how people would see me if I became honest and true to myself. I really cared soo much about how others perceived me until I started to love myself and accepted me. Unfortunately, we are in a society where it's okay to laugh on social media but totally wrong to cry while in real life we all cry. I was hiding my true identity to be accepted but not anymore. I am strong and sometimes funny but I have my weakness and I will not hide that fact on social media. Am always inspired when people say to me "Tina I can Relate to what you are saying". That is how true connection and bond is built.

Who takes your IG pics and do you have any tips for people when it comes to posing for fashion shots?

I use photographers and my husband but most of my indoor pictures are shot by me. I also edit my own pictures regardless of who took them. I love editing pictures. I do photography as a side hustle and my IG for that is @grandshepherdphotography.

For tips, I will say to look up inspo on Pinterest and on Instagram. I also pay attention to how TV Commercials are shot and pay attention to anything that jumps at me. 

What trend do you currently love and what is one you are ready to see leave?

Since am all about authenticity I love that people are becoming more open on social media now and discussing deep issues that use not to be discussed and am loving Club House soo much because folks are dropping serious gems there and I can't wait to start creating rooms to be heard as well.

Trends I wish to see leave is the judgemental eyes that sit on social media only to criticize and gossip. We can do better as a society. 

We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did! Don't forget you can add Faustina's picks to your own collections on Insyze.