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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Blogger Spotlight: Joi-Louise Hall

This week we're chatting with Joi-Louise Hall, the beauty behind She is a plus size blogger who covers style, beauty, home decor and living with Lymphedema. In addition to all of that, she also runs her own plus size boutique Shop Joi-Louise.

We also got to check out her Insyze Account and Collections! Stay tuned for our amazing chat and follow her on Insyze.

Joi-Louise Hall's Collections

Whether you're planning to go or can go to one now, brunch outfits are always an important decision. From bottomless mimosas, to your nightwear clothes, these collections will have you sorted.

You can add her curated pieces to your Collection or follow her to see updates of other looks!

Joi-Louise Hall's Interview

How would you describe your style? Has that evolved? 

My style is glamourous and edgy. I love animal prints, fitted dresses, and anything that is off the shoulder. I play up my positives with midi length hemlines and I always love a good heel. I used to dress like a tomboy when I was younger. People around me made me insecure about my curves. Thankfully that changed. 

What has been your experience sharing your life online? 

It has been quite fulfilling. I opened up about my health condition called Lymphedema in early 2020 and never looked back. This condition makes many people feel like they can't showcase their style. I have been blessed to show people the very opposite while also spreading awareness for the community. 

How do you think the body positive movement has changed recently; do you think the fashion world is becoming more size-inclusive? 

The fashion world still has a long way to go. While I like fast fashion I am a FASHION girl. I want to be able to wear Balmain, Balenciaga, and Fendi. I want the inclusivity to be spread over the entire industry. Hire plus size men and women to usher you through is what I say, you can design for people you can't speak to. We have come a long way but there is still much more ground to cover. 

What are you most excited to wear this spring? Do you see any trends happening? 

So excited for Spring Fashion! I am seeing lots of pastels, suiting, leaf/tropical plant prints, and high splits. I am looking forward to wearing denim with romantic tops, bright colors, and high waisted trousers paired with crop tops with chunky heels. 

What is a fashion tip you would give to plus size fashionistas? 

Love yourself first and wear what makes you feel good. I promise you that everything else will be easy and apple pie after that. Plus size women wear clothes so well now that more and more companies are designing for us. We have been made to feel that our weight makes us "un-fashionable" and that has NEVER been the case. We are so fly! 

What is your favorite thing you’ve worn recently? 

Oooh! I have this teal, silk, oriental print dress from Fashion To Figure (FTF) that just makes me feel so bomb! I know that sounds like a lot but this dress is absolute perfection. I am hoping they make it in black, red, and nude very soon. I will buy all three colors! 

What is your favorite plus size brand and why? I am loving Fashion To Figure and Eloquii right now. They are pushing the boundaries when it comes to design and quality. FTF has denim on lock! The way their jeans fit is just unreal! While Eloquii has been fulfilling all of my leather dreams. I have a leather top, vests, and shirts from them that will make you weak in the knees. 

What is your favorite Instagram tip? Someone once told me that you can never build an audience (I call them my Lou's) without actually connecting with them. I love to ask them how their day is going, what content they want to see from me, and even just how they are doing mentally. I am big on community so hearing "build a community" was the best tip I have ever received. 

Make sure you are following Joi-Louise Hall on Instagram and let her know you came from Insyze!