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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Blogger Spotlight: KayMo

This week's Blogger Spotlight is on Kay, the woman behind XOXOKayMo. She is a Blogger, YouTuber and Instagram Influencer who is user her online space "to utilize the power of social media, written content, and video to push society’s standards of beauty to a broader perspective as well as create a safe space for everyone to come together."

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your journey to becoming a blogger…

My name is Kay, the blogger behind My blog and youtube channel is something that I fell into by accident. Being the creative type, I wanted to have a space of my own to create content. I didn’t have any sort of direction, I just knew I needed to create something.

I was in the middle of a quarter life crisis, so this was my outlet to escape that reality. Fast forward to today, this little blog of mine grew into something so much bigger than I had ever thought it would be.

What has been your journey with body positivity?

My journey with body positivity has been an ever evolving journey. I’ve always had low self-esteem ever since I could remember due to family members and society making it seem like my size was their concern. It was a negative mindset that I thought I’d live with forever. Thankfully I was able to escape that, and now that I have a better relationship with my body, it’s a message I want to spread to everyone who is struggling with their loving themselves. That it is possible to love the skin you’re in right now.

What motivates you when you’re feeling low in confidence?

The very first thing I do is remind myself that it’s 100% human to have these sort of thoughts and moments like this. I let myself feel those feelings and then journal it out. Writing things out gives me a better idea of where to pin point exactly what causes myself to have these moments. One of the things that instantly makes me feel better is just self care. Whether it is putting on an outfit I love, doing a little skincare sesh, or going to my Crossfit class, when I take care of myself, I feel better.

How do you think the world is changing (if it is) to be more or less inclusive to plus size people?

The world has definitely changed to be more inclusive with plus size people. Especially the ever growing plus size community. A huge reason why I was able to grow my confidence was because I was finally seeing other body shapes out there. Not only did they express the importance of self-love, but they demonstrated it time after time through their words and actions. There’s also way more options for the plus size body when it comes to clothes. What used to be a struggle to find cute clothes for myself, is much more accessible now.

Who is a role model for you in the body positivity space and why?

My friend Nikki G (tiktok itsnikki.g) She is such a boss babe that has been spreading her message of body positivity in such a fun way. I love the content she creates and always puts a smile on my face. 

How would you describe your style?

I want to say that my unique style would be casual-chic. I’m a neutrals kinda gal, and I love to stick with basic pieces, making sure they look polished and put together.

What is your favorite plus size brand and why?

I honestly do not have a favorite plus size brand, is that weird? I feel like I gravitate towards anything that’ll make me look good and feel good. Whether its from Walmart or from the department store, I make sure the quality and fit is there.

What is your favorite Instagram tip?

My favorite instagram tip is to be more authentic and vulnerable. Sometimes with it comes to social media, we forgot that the person behind the account is human because of the “perfect” feed. By being vulnerable and open we are allowed to connect with other people in a deeper level. Overall it think Instagram is shifting a bit away from the “perfect” selfie and outfit post, to more real, authentic stories and building relationships.

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