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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Blogger Spotlight: Rhonda D. McTyre

Rhonda is a plus size model and influencer who is truly a hype woman for everyone. She is constantly promoting other plus size influencers on her Instagram CurvetoCurve monthly in addition to posting fabulous content of herself.

Rhonda shared with us some of her fabulous Insyze Collections where she adds fashionable plus size clothing to shop.

Rhonda's Collections

Weekend Ready

One of our favorite of Rhonda's Collections is her Weekend Ready Collection. In this collection, Rhonda includes plus size sweaters, curvy faux leather pants and other great looks.

Holiday Collection

Who doesn't need more plus size holiday looks? We know we sure do! In Rhonda's Holiday Collection, you can expect to see trendy plus size dresses and other looks you'll want to wear after the holidays.

Rhonda's Interview

In addition to sharing her collections, we got the chance to interview Rhonda. We had such a blast hearing her answers and think you will too!

How and when did you start modeling?

Wow! Long testimony behind this question: I started modeling early 2019. After having a denim shoot for my sister in laws “How we do denim line” in 2018, the photographer Shay Ratliff, owner of Fourth seed Photographer, said “Rhonda come here." We started to look through the photos and she said you haven’t taken one bad photo yet. Have you considered Modeling?

After her shoot, I arranged a birthday shoot with her in late September. Here’s the testimony behind it. I was on my bedroom floor crying out to God. “Tired of not having enough money to pay bills I had multiple jobs at that time but still was short on money. I said God “If I drop all other jobs; focus on my full time and modeling career will you help guide me the rest of the way. In my dreams he spoke to me saying “Daughter I got you.” After receiving his confirmation I decided to remain obedient to his word.

Modeling is not just shoot here shoot there. But being an inspiration/aspiration to all who wants to follow their passion at any age. I’m too short to be a model? Or not built how the industry wants? My goal is to break through the barriers of being classified as being too short or not built right.

How has been your experience as a plus size model and blogger?

An amazing journey. I’ve been introduced to so many aspiring models, influencers, bloggers, supermodels, stylist, runway coaches, photographers, designers, etc. I can name so many people. I’m loving every part of it.

Looking at myself on websites, blogs, magazines, etc.. So amazing. I’ve received so many comments, messages on Facebook and Instagram from my hometown Jefferson, TX. I can’t believe you really going after your high school dream. My Family, KWC church family and friends have been a huge support system in my life. I’m so thankful for them daily. There words of keep going, don’t quit, keeps me motivated.

We love your model check ins! Can you describe them to our readers and let them know when they can tune in?

Thank you so much love. I started hosting Model Check ins in May. Shay [the photographer from the story above] contacted me to watch an interview on Instagram with Ashley Graham. I thought that was so cool.

Once I saw that, Model Check In came to mind. Everyone was in quarantine, can’t go anywhere, so let’s host an Instagram live session with models to check in and see how there doing.

I’ve had Jeannie Ferguson, Jazzminn Williams, Natasha Crys, Hadassah Mcgrew, Amber Franklin, Davon Curry, Khakan Iqbal. Big shout out to them and thank you for the opportunity of sharing so much knowledge and wisdom to the viewers. Please catch Model Check In once a month on Instagram live 7pm CST.

How would you describe your style?

I feel like I’m little strange or unique when it comes to style. I have a very outgoing and edgy personality. I would put a dramatic top with leggings and throw some tennis shoes or heels on. I love Tulle skirts (mini, short, long, extra-long). I pretty much love all colors and would wear it anyway I want.

Has this always been your style? Or has it evolved over the years?

I’ve always loved dressing up; head to toe through high school and college years. I grew to know more about the fashion industry as I got older and it has drastically evolved over the years. And still changing daily.

What advice would you give to someone if they are feeling low in confidence when it comes to social media?

WOW! I get through a lot of low points in my life through prayer, daily devotions, scriptures and seeking guidance and advice from my Spiritual Advisory Board (my mentor, my pastor, marketing manager 1 or 2 friends, sister, Unique Runway Management etc...) I have 6 or 7 sticky notes and plaques over my apartment with daily reminders: I’m beautiful, I’m confident, I’m Bold, I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.

Who takes your photos and do you have any posing tips?

Mostly photoshoots, campaigns selfies, in the mirror or in my car. Someone once told me, "when a camera pops on scene always strike a pose. You never know who's watching."

What trend are you loving this winter?

Different types and colors of the winter fedora hats: Cheetah print, red, Black, Silver, etc.

What advice would you give to somebody wanting to break into the modeling world?

In the beginning it’s a very tough road; criticism is at its highest point and a lot of NO, NO, NOs...I guarantee you a yes will come knocking soon. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s journey What God has in store for you is meant for you nobody else.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Rhonda as much as we did! You can create your own Insyze Collections and we'd love to see them.