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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Curvy Fashion With Emily Johnstone

In 2009, Emily Johnstone started her blog Fashion Foie Gras as a source of daily fashion news that soon evolved into her personal account of fashion, lifestyle and travel across London, UK and her original home of Beaufort, South Carolina. Fast forward ten years' later and it's not only her full time job, but also the source of many major fashion and travel adventures, including her work with major publications such as Hello! magazine, Glamour and Vogue; not bad for a blog that was supposed to be started as a bit of fun!

These days, Emily splits her time between both the US and UK, working full time of her blog, writing for magazines and looking stylish AF on Instagram. We're low key obsessed. In fact, we've featured her photos on @insyzestyle so many times that we thought it was about time we chatted to Emily and got to find out more about her!

Hope you enjoy this chat with Emily, she is super inspiring.

When you started your blog Fashion Foie Gras in 2009, did you have any plans (or idea!) that it would get to this stage?

I am going to be honest here, at the risk of sounding totally naive. I had no idea that it would ever be something read by more than a dozen people.

I still can’t believe it’s my full time job now. I feel so honoured to be a part of so many people’s lives and I treasure that so much. The best part of my day will always be interacting with readers

Out of curiosity, why is it called Fashion Foie Gras?

When FFG first started, it was a fashion news blog and it was a rather controversial look at what was going on. So the byline was “fashion news force fed daily,” hence the name.

It also fit as the fashion world, at the time, was still all about a skinny ideal and the idea of force feeding for a luxury product seemed ridiculous and perfect for what I was writing. No geese have ever been harmed in the making of FFG  😉

You take incredible pictures and we love your Instagram feed! What are your tips for getting the perfect fashion photos?

I think it takes time and patience. There are about 100 photos taken for every one shared and I do 90 percent of the work on my own with a tripod! I find it’s more natural. It’s just me and the camera.

What's your favorite season when it comes to fashion?

Definitely summer. It’s a season where you can throw a dress over your head and run out the door. Easy as pie!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Classic, American and sophisticated.

South Carolina style or London style?

I could never ever choose. I am a product of the two and I love that.

Dress or Jeans?


Louis Vuitton or Gucci?

Louis Vuitton!

You've travelled to some amazing places with FFG. What was your favorite trip and why?

My favourite trip will forever and always be a safari to Africa with the four seasons! It was insane. Just insane.

Every single moment was magical and unbelievable. I still look at pictures and can’t believe it happened. We actually had guides that took us back to our rooms every night to make sure no lions were in our paths.

What do you think of the term plus size in the fashion industry? Should we still use it?

I think we give it power. I have never minded it. In an ideal world, it would be nice if there were no size division, just sizes. But I think right now it’s just a way to describe extended sizing.

What's your advice for women who struggle with body confidence?

This is a hard one. It’s taken me decades to finally be comfortable in my own skin. I think today we are on the cusp of a real body revolution. But, it’s still tough.

Every morning I get up and am thankful I have a body that has all it’s working parts and gives me the chance to live my life each and every moment. That’s a blessing and I’ve stopped looking in the mirror and seeing what it’s not, and instead I see everything it is and can do.

Follow Emily on Instagram here.

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