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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Insyze Blogger Spotlight: Aspects of Tinsaye

Tinsaye is one of our go-to petite plus size bloggers. From running her blog Aspects of Tinsaye, to up-keeping her Instagram on a daily basis, she is a true plus size icon.

We asked Tinsaye to create a few Insyze collections for us to share with our readers and oh did she deliver! Her collections are such a great example of how you can use Insyze Collections. You can check out her collections directly by clicking on the photo of the collection.

Holiday Looks

Need something for the holiday season coming up? Tinsaye shares the trendiest plus size festive clothing and accessories to have you sorted all holiday season!

Fall Sweaters

From form fitting, to cardigans and pullovers, Tinsaye does not disappoint when it comes to her Fall Sweaters collection.

Perfect Blazers

Who doesn't love a plus size blazer?! This trend is not going anywhere. You can rock this while working at home, going to a dinner or to a holiday gathering.

You can find all of Tinsaye's collections by clicking here. In addition to her collections, we also had the pleasure of interviewing Tinsaye about how she came to be the blogger she is today and her tips and tricks to plus size fashion.

Please introduce yourself and give a brief journey of becoming a blogger:

I'm Tinsaye, a petite plus size blogger out of Pennsylvania. I'm in my early thirties, a wife, and dog-mom to a stubborn Chow-Chow. By day, I'm a learning facilitator for a telecom company (which is a little more fun than it sounds but not the most exciting job in the world lol).

At the beginning of the year, before knowing what was in store for us all, I decided to start sharing my sense of style and favorite looks on Instagram. It's something I've wanted to do for years and kept pushing it off because it "wasn't the right time". I'm so glad I did because with all the uncertainty and anxiety 2020 has thrown my way this new project has been the highlight. I've had an opportunity to not only share what makes me happy but also, connect with some amazing people and build friendships. Over the summer I decided I wanted to have my own little piece of the internet to share even more and started my blog, AspectsofTinsaye.

I'm excited to bet on myself and be here to encourage others. 

What are your favorite blog pieces to write? Fashion tips, hauls or personal pieces?

It's so early in my blogging career that I'm really trying out all types of pieces and seeing what not only resonates with my readers but what brings me joy to write. I absolutely love hunting down great deals and it's only fun if I get to share them with others so I would say Frugal Fashion Finds are my fav. I want to transition into writing more about my deeper thoughts and opening up more, I'm working on finding my voice. It's a fun ride nonetheless. 

Where is your favorite place to shop?

There are so many places that I like to shop it's hard to narrow down! My style sways from timeless classic to in the moment trendy and I can find something cute in almost every store. My go-to spots have to be Target, Asos, Eloquii, Macy's, Loft, and Primark. 

How has your fashion sense evolved over the past few years?

Oh boy, my fashion sense has changed so much in the last few years! There are so many different factors for the changes, I've grown out of my 20's, started to figure out what I want my "image" to be, grown professionally, and fallen back in love with fashion after steering clear for a while. I am much more likely to try new trends (on a budget), push my personal boundaries, and be bolder now. I've also learned what my go-to staples and silhouettes are over time so there are some looks that I can put together within seconds. 

Have you always been confident in your skin? Do you have advice for others who may not feel comfortable trying new styles or scared to wear form fitting clothes?

I have always felt a sense of confidence but it's been more geared towards my personality, work ethic, and thoughtfulness not my style. It takes time to really get comfortable in your skin and learn what you like/don't like. My greatest advice to anyone wanting to explore new trends or styles is to find inexpensive pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Try to find the silhouettes, fabrics, and cuts that make you feel your best. Once you have that down, layer on the trends from there. For example: I know I love pleated midi skirts, I love the shape and they're versatile. When neon was a big trend a few months back I grabbed a bold green one and toned it down with a neutral top. I got to try the trend and still feel like me. 

What is your favorite trend at the moment?

Hands down I am a fan of the leather trend movement that's currently happening. I'm all in for the dresses, skirts, tops, and jackets. It's a trend you can go bold with or tone it down, it's for everyone. I also love that we're seeing the mixing of softer fabrics and leather for some really interesting looks. Hope it stays a while. 

What is your favorite plus size fashion tip for our readers?

My number one fashion tip is to wear what makes you feel your best. What that is may not always be "in style" or trending but it's more important to feel joy from your clothes than it is to stay on trend. You can easily add accessories to spice things up without making a huge commitment. 

We are excited to be following Tinsaye on her Instagram, blog and Insyze account to see all the fashion picks she has to offer. You can check out all of Tinsaye's collections by clicking here.

You can make your own collections after taking our style quiz to get recommendations on plus size clothing.