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Friday, February 26, 2021

Insyze Blogger Spotlight: Charlotte Williams

Charlotte is the beauty and brains behind @theplussizeprep on Instagram and blog The Plus-Sized Prep. This Chicagoland plus size fashion blogger truly does it all; she creates fabulous outfits that are shoppable for her followers, has created an honest social presence and shares it with all of us through both her Insta and raw blog.

We had the joy of chatting with Charlotte about her experience as a blogger and gotten some of her best fashion tips for plus size women. In addition, Charlotte also shared some of her Insyze Collections for us to include! You can follow Charlotte on Insyze and download the Insyze app to follow other plus size creators as well.

Charlotte's Collections

Cool Girl Jeans

Skinny, straight, flair, mom, cropped, how do we keep them all straight?! You don't have to because Charlotte's done it for you with her plus size denim collection.

Floaty Dresses

Us plus size women know we love the buzz word floaty. Rock these beautiful dresses in Charlotte's collection that will have you feeling confident all day and night long while looking fabulous.

Charlotte's Interview

How would you describe your style? Has that evolved over time?

I describe my style as being "preppy with an edge." While I love pearls, ruffles, headbands, and flowy dresses, I'm not a huge fan of color, and traditional preppy style is pretty bright and colorful. My style has definitely evolved over time. When I started my blog, I was most heavily influenced by going to college in Baltimore, where the majority of the students were from the Mid Atlantic and New England. It was preppy central! After I returned home to Chicago, I sought out inspiration from sophisticated New York street style, edgy Paris style, and casual Chicago comfort.

What has been your experience sharing your life online?

Both extremely rewarding and extremely depressing. My favorite thing about sharing my life online is finding other people who feel exactly the same way I do, and knowing that by sharing my experiences I'm helping them feel a little less alone. But sharing your life online will always open you up to criticism. People think that because you post about something, they're entitled to give you their unfiltered opinion, however cruel or insensitive it might be.

What is your favorite type of content to create? Blog posts? Instagrams?

That's so hard! I would say my favorite type of content to create is Instagram posts, but my most rewarding is blog posts. Instagram posts, while still taking a lot of hard work and dedication, are forgettable. People scroll past them in an instant. Blog posts take a lot of time and energy, which can be draining, but I'm most proud of them because I've put in that work. I've edited, cut out paragraphs, scrapped entire posts. It's my blood, sweat, and tears!

What are you most excited to wear this spring? Do you see any trends happening?

I'm seeing a lot of pastels (obviously haha) but they're in more muted, desaturated tones. Dusky blue, sage, mauve, and lilac—which I prefer, because I don't like anything too bright! Also, I think the leather/faux leather is still going to be pretty big. Blazers, trousers, shorts, etc.

Go-to fashion piece? Something you pick that you know will always make you feel and look good?

Floaty dresses! It's probably the only thing I'll wear in a bold print or color. I'm truly a neutrals gal, in that I really don't like wearing bright colors, but if it's an A-line or maxi dress in a flowy fabric, all bets are off! Also, I firmly believe flowy dresses look good on everyone.

What has been your experience as an influencer? How did you start collaborating with brands/people?

It's been exciting and tumultuous. Exciting because I have been able to collaborate with cool brands, get invited to exciting events, and meet really cool people. Tumultuous because there's always something new and something changing. I love style and I light up when people find something they enjoy because I shared it with them. But with new apps and features and strategies always coming up, you can fall behind fast.

What is your favorite Instagram tip?
Seek inspiration from different sources. I'm a fashion blogger with a bit of lifestyle content, but I follow accounts that focus on marketing, graphic design, interior design, mental health, finance, and travel, to name a few. You never know where you'll get inspiration!

Make sure you're following Charlotte on her Instagram and share some love on her posts!