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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Insyze Plus Size Fashion Spotlight: Alicia Gilby

Alicia is the Body Positive, Plus Size Fashionista, Fibromyalgia Warrior and so much more behind the Instagram Curvy_Chronicles. After following and loving her Instagram, style and overall voice, we reached out to Alicia to chat all things plus size fashion!

Alicia created a couple Insyze Collections to share with our readers and we are LOVING her plus size fashion picks!

Plus Size Loungewear

Alicia served up some amazing neutral and maroon pieces that we are immediately adding to our cart. My fave? It definitely has to be the soft knit jumpsuit from Eloquii that you can rock in or out of the house with some fresh white sneakers.

Plus Size Holiday Looks

Alicia literally could not have worded it better with her Collection caption writing, "The holidays may look a little different this year but it doesn’t mean we can’t get a little dressed up!" Whether you're looking for a bold red or a trendy emerald green, you'll love Alicia's picks!

Alicia's Interview

The fun does absolutely not stop there! We got the opportunity to interview Alicia. We hope you enjoy and make sure to follow along with her Instagram to stay up to date with her!

How and when did you get into sharing your plus size clothing on your Instagram? 

I started sharing pictures of myself and my plus size fashion outfits just over two years ago after being inspired by other plus size influencers sharing pictures of themselves in items I always wanted to wear but never thought I 'could' before of my size. Seeing other plus size women look amazing in crop tops, bodycon dresses, bikinis, etc., gave me the push to start wearing new pieces,  and I wanted to share that journey with other women who might have felt the same way as me. 

What sparked you to want to start or shift your Instagram to specifically focusing on plus size fashion?

I actually used to be a beauty blogger and so my instagram was originally filled with pictures of makeup, skincare, etc. While I had fun exploring the makeup industry, I never felt as passionate about it as I've always felt about fashion. So, I decided to shift in the direction of sharing daily outfits and everything took off from there. I get so excited every time I get to style a new piece/look. I love creating looks. It's my favourite part of being a plus size influencer.

How has your blogger experience changed over time with new updates?

I'm not the most technologically savvy so I always get a little nervous every time there is a new update/a new form of sharing media. With that said, I have loved the challenge of learning new ways to share my favourite pieces and really love learning new skills (how to edit videos, etc). 

As a Fibromyalgia Warrior, what are you hoping to use your platform to do for this?

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia 13 years ago, I didn't know anyone else who had it and therefore didn't really know what to expect. While everyone's fibromyalgia experience is different, I hope to 1) show other fibro warriors that they are not alone in this fight, 2) show them that while life might not look the way they originally planned it, it is possible to have fibro and live a fulfilling life with fibro and 3) help remove some of the stigma that those with fibromyalgia tend to face (being lazy, it's all in their head, etc). 

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I would describe my fashion sense as fun, colourful and a little bit preppy. I wore all black and grey for too long. Now I love anything really bright and colourful and love mixing patterns. Fashion should be fun. There should be no rules to fashion, other than to wear what makes you happy/makes you feel good. 

What trend are you loving right now? What are you ready to see leave?

Right now I am loving the loungewear trend. I love that so many companies are putting out super cute loungewear collections. I am happiest when I am comfortable and it's nice that plus size loungewear can be trendy and stylish. While I love wearing bike shorts under my skirts and dresses (have to avoid that chub rub), I just never caught on to the trend of bike shorts as bottoms on their own. I'd be okay with that trend leaving. 

Best tips for posing for photos?

I wish I knew! For me, that is the hardest part of shooting content. I tend to do the same poses over and over again. I would say to look at pictures of poses you like and practice them in the mirror. Also, if you can, shoot photos with someone who makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to try new things. 

What is your favorite type of posts on your Instagram? Personal photos? Hauls? Outfit Details?

It's a toss up between haul videos (I love just talking to my followers about clothing) or my styling videos (they are so much fun to make and I love how they kind of look magical. Snap my finger and I'm suddenly dressed). 

We could go on and on about our crush on Alicia, but you can just see for yourself by following along with her! You can also add any of Alicia's pieces from her Collections to yours after taking our Plus Size Fashion Quiz.