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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Insyze Points Giveaway

What are Insyze Points?

We are SO excited to announce the introduction of Insyze Points! Get rewarded for being a loyal Insyder by simply interacting with your fellow plus size community. Insyze points are virtual goods that you earn by interacting with other users and posting content on Insyze.

Points can be earned from creating collections, sharing outfits, inviting friends and engaging with peoples’ posts (by liking and commenting).

So what do you do with Insyze Points?

Unlock rewards!

When you earn points, you will save money when shopping for plus size fashion. Currently, your points can be used to unlock the following rewards:

  • 5000 points =$30 Reward Credit for Dani Marie
  • 10000 points =$60 Reward Credit for Dani Marie
  • 15000 = 1 x FREE Dani Marie Dress of your choice!

How do I earn Insyze Points?

You can earn points on the Insyze app and

Your referral link and points balance are currently only visible on (the website)

  • 1 Friend Invite Sign Up = 50 Points
  • 1 Outfit share post = 10 Points
  • 1 Collection with min. 4 products = 5 Points
  • 1 Like = 1 Point

Your loyalty is rewarded; login every month and you will be gifted 50 Insyze bonus points! 

Insyze Points Giveaway Details

We're launching a giveaway to celebrate Insyze Points! We are giving away 10 x 1000 points prizes.

How to enter: The first 10 people to get 250 points will win!

If you are one of the first 10 people to earn 100 points, you will be rewarded an additional 1,000 Insyze points!

How do I sign up?

Sign up to Insyze by clicking GET STARTED or registering here.

Giveaway FAQs

How do I refer my friends?

Each person has an individual link inside their Insyze account. You go to your profile (click your profile picture in the top right) and then click "edit profile." Once you click edit profile, you will see your unique share link (circled below). You can either text the link or share it via social media.

How do I see my points balance?

In the same place as the referral link, you will see your points balance. So, you go to your profile -> edit profile and you will see your points listed as seen below.

Why can't I see my points on the app?

Points are currently only able to be seen on, but will be on the app soon. We will update you all when they are available on the app.