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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Insyze Spotlight: ADAMSEL In This Dress

This week's blogger spotlight Ann Adams is an exciting one. We have been following Ann's blog ADAMSEL In This Dress for awhile now, but especially during these crazy times! Despite the world seeming upside down, Ann has been constantly updating her blog and Instagram to keep all her readers on top of all things plus size fashion!

On Ann's blog, you can expect to find articles ranging from raving about The One Skirt You Need in Your Closet to 3 Plus Size Trend Shopping Tips and so much more in between.

Ann's Collections

Going beyond Ann's blog, we are taking a look at her Insyze Collections to see what she picked to share. She created a few Collections you can check them out here, or keep on reading to see the ins and outs of her fabulous Collections.

Edgy Fall

Looking to level up your plus size sweater game? Ann picked a wide range of choices centering around animal print and leather in her Edgy Fall Collection. This trendy collection has a mixture of fashionable items as well as classic pieces you'll have in your closet as new staples.

Working From Home

2020 is the year of working from home, which while it may not be ideal in terms of productivity, it is time for loungewear to shine. Ann's Working From Home Collection boasts a range of comfy, neutral slippers, plus size matching sets and comfy clothes galore.

Interview with Ann

The fun doesn't stop at the Collections. We also got the opportunity to ask Ann questions about her experience as a blogger and for tips for our readers.

When and why did you start your blog Adamsel in This Dress?

I started my blog in July of 2018.

How has been your experience as a plus size style blogger? What were your reservations, if any, when starting your blog?

My experience has been very positive. I think the main reservation I had was putting myself out there and really calling myself a blogger and a creative. I’m so glad I did it though. I have received overwhelming support from friends and family and have learned so much about myself and my style through the process.

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is edgy casual — although I don’t like limiting my style. I’m drawn to bold prints and will try basically any trend as long as I can be comfortable while wearing it.

Has this always been your style? Or has it evolved over the years?

I’ve always loved clothes, but growing up as a fat kid in the 80s and 90s there just weren’t a lot of options for me, so I had to get creative. I’m not saying I wish a lack of access to clothing that fits on anyone, but I think that’s where some of my fearlessness in trying new styles comes from. I’m a bit like a kid in a candy store now.

What advice would you give someone who may be more self conscious when it comes to posting pictures on social media?

I say just do it! I really can’t recommend it enough. I have gained so much more confidence and self compassion by taking and looking at pictures of myself. I used to hate pictures of myself and had a hard time looking at them. I think the practice of modeling my own style has made me see myself more clearly than ever before.

What do you think every plus size fashionista needs to know? A certain fashion hack or a piece of clothing that is too fab to miss out on?

I think my best hack is to shop your closet. I get really excited when I can style something I’ve had for years in a new way.

Who takes your photos and do you have any posing tips?

I am very lucky to have my husband take my photos. Having someone who loves you behind the camera always helps. I say just keep moving and don’t be afraid to look silly when posing. 

What advice would you give to somebody wanting to start their own blog?

Dive in! I put it off for years and wish I had started sooner.

What trend are you excited to try this fall/winter?

I’m seeing lots of bright colored suits and I think it’s such a fun trend that we don’t often think of for colder months. If there’s ever a time for it — it’s 2020.

What is one trend you wish would come back?

All the trends I grew up with are back in style and finally available in my size, so I’m a happy girl!

Thank you, Ann for speaking with us and sharing all of your fabulous Insyze Collections! You can keep up with her on her blog and Instagram.

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