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Friday, May 22, 2020

Small Biz Spotlight: Zelie For She

Zelie For She was founded by Elann Zelie in 2012 as she was determined to provide fashionable and affordable fashion to curvy fashionistas.

Eight years later, Zelie For She is an iconic independent plus size clothing brand so we cannot thank Elann enough for achieving exactly what she set out to do!

Elann described her brand as "an unapologetic expression of ones authenticity and individuality. Every collection is a different story, Stories of travel, friendship, women, and empowerment of ones self."

Made locally in Los Angeles, Zelie for She is a must for any curvy woman that wants to up their fashion game.

2020 may as well be named, "the year of loungewear" in the fashion world. We all know the frustration of being left out of fashion trends, but Zelie For She is making sure that doesn't happen when it comes to this trend.

The latest collection named “Leisure in Style” took the quarantine world by storm by nearly selling out immediately.

Due to the "Leisure in Style" Collection's popularity, Zelie for She is dropping another round of her fabulous plus size loungewear. This much-anticipated drop came just after a week of relaunching it.

As an independent plus-size brand, this is impressive. Not only is Zelie For She selling out, but has a community of people begging for a restock!

Due to the world crisis, Zelie For She, like most businesses, had to change their way of business.

The way Elann adjusted was by dropping an insane plus size sample sale that was all online and included pieces from all seven of her collections. Styles are added every Wednesday with some pieces that never made it in a collection.


Zelie For She offers most items in XL, XXL, and XXXL which translates to 14-24, respectively. Some pieces, such as Forever Yours Maxi Dress, comes in one size fits all.


The average price point is around $100 for the majority of Zelie For She pieces. Some items hover around the $80 price and others reaching up to $129. If you're thrifting, the sample sale prices start at $69.

We highly recommend following Zelie For She on Instagram in order to stay on top of secret sales, clothing drops and overall amazing plus size content!

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