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Monday, February 18, 2019

The Best Leggings For Plus Size

Who doesn't love wearing leggings! Whether you're straight size of plus size, leggings are super easy to wear, comfortable for any activity and great to compliment a short dress or that cute top you love. Sometimes leggings get a bad rep, but we completely disagree - if your style is laid-back, or you want a low-key outfit that's comfortable to run around and do errands in then why wouldn't you wear a pair of leggings.

But just because we love leggings, doesn't mean we love ALL leggings. We're sure you've experienced this as much as we have - leggings that are see-through, rip easily or are just baggy in all the wrong places! We spoke to plus size people on Reddit, Facebook and of course, our Insyders for their recommendations on what the best everyday leggings for plus size are as well as some of the most common problems they have with leggings and how you can avoid them.

Picture credit: StylishSassyandClassy

Whether you wear leggings with a tunic, underneath a dress or as pants; finding a great pair of leggings can be a struggle for all people, no matter what size you are. But when you're plus size, it can be so much worse!

Some of the most common problems that women have with leggings include:

You can literally see EVERYTHING

Everyone has cellulite.  No really, they do.

Cellulite is fine, but when you're wearing leggings you kinda expect to have complete coverage of your butt. However, wear the wrong type of leggings and EVERYTHING will show through them. Cellulite, your g-string - basically all visible to the world through a semi-opaque piece of cloth

It's why the number 1 and more important thing to think about when you are buying a new pair of leggings is the fabric.

Thin cotton leggings might be a great choice for the summer but can be quite see-through and a total nightmare if you suffer from thigh chafing, which can mean that you’re reaching for your sewing kit on the regular.

Instead, look for spandex styles. These thicker fabric leggings will give you more support, are totally opaque and will last longer too.

They keep falling down

Another really common problem with wearing leggings for the fuller figure is that they KEEP FALLING DOWN! And you end up having near constant wardrobe malfunctions.

So how do you avoid this?

Easy, invest in high waist. These types of leggings or styles with a wide waistband will stay put all day long letting you get on with your life without worrying about your outfit.

Some of our top picks of the best leggings for plus size include:


A lot of you swear by Spanx leggings including Alexis Joann of Style Eat Sleep Repeat 

Grab your pair of Spanx faux leather leggings here:


The Zella activewear collection at Nordstrom includes some must-have leggings that are perfect for both the gym and everyday wear.

As seen worn here by blogger @deboraayala

We also love these Lululemon leggings.

These high waisted leggings have a slip-free waist and are made from moisture-wicking fabric.

90 Degress By Reflex

Another fan favorite are the leggings by 90 Degrees By Reflex. These super affordable leggings come in full length, capri and ⅞ lengths and some styles even have pockets!

The easy to wear leggings have 4- way stretch and built-in support. Go grab yours on Amazon or the on the 90 Degrees By Reflex website.


Another fave for finding the best leggings for plus size is Torrid with lots of you swearing by the Torrid premium leggings.

We love these dark grey leggings.

Check out a huge range of plus size leggings and browse hundreds of styles right here on Insyze.