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Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Torrid's Size Chart

Finding clothes online that actually fit can sometimes feel like a lottery and that’s especially true for us plus-size folks. How many times have you been really excited to get that new skirt in the post only to try it on and you can’t even get it to go past your bum? (true story.) Having a clear and consistent size guide on the website is a sure way brands can reduce the number of online returns they get.

Torrid have separate size guides for different items like apparel, bras, swimwear, and wedding dresses. In this blog, we want to take a closer look at the Torrid size chart plus give you some top tips for how you can be sure that everything (hopefully)  in your next online shop will actually fit!

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Let’s Talk About Torrid

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have heard about Torrid before. The fashion brand for sizes 10-30 wants to make every woman feel beautiful, sexy, and most importantly, confident in the clothes they are wearing. One thing we love about Torrid is that the perfect fit is not just important, it’s in their ethos! All their clothes are fitted to actual real women - not mannequins!

Fit is first so Torrid isn’t all about following the latest trend or what’s en vogue right now, for them, it’s all about creating your own timeless style - something that we can totally get behind. 

Tip 1 - Know Your Measurements

Clothing sizes and the difference between them is all about your measurements. (You  can find out more about this in our How Clothing Sizes Were Originally Decided blog.) But we all know that what is considered a size 20 in one store can be a 24 in another store and then a 22 in a third. 

So before you start your next online shopping spree, we’d recommend that you get that measuring tape out. This is especially true if you are looking to buy clothes from somewhere you haven’t bought from before but is also a great tip even if you’ve bought from the same store for literally years.

Tape measure, check, now what?

For many stores, Torrid size chart included, there are 3 key measurements to know: bust, hips and waist. 


For this one, place the tape measure just underneath your arms and wrap it around your body and the fullest part of your bust. 


Look for your belly button for this - this is where for a lot of us your natural waistline is. Another way you can do this is by bending to the side and seeing where your body naturally creases.


The final measurement you’ll need on the torrid size chart is your low hips (some brands may just list this as ‘hips’). Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your hips.

Inches or centimeters?  

The Torrid size chart like lots of other brands is listed in inches. But there is a growing list of places where both inches and cms are available. 

Tip 2 - Check the fabric label.

Besides the cut of your clothes, the fabric used is key to knowing how the clothes will fit you. While some fabrics naturally have some stretch to them, others really don’t and that cute top you ordered feels like a straitjacket and you literally can’t move your arms (yep, you guessed it, another true story.). Check out our guide to fabrics to find out more about your favorite threads. 

Tip 3 - Read the reviews

A great way to find out if you’re buying the right size for you is the get recommendations. The reviews section is a great place to start! Here you can find out not only if the item is true to size but also what it feels like to wear and even get a few style tips.

Torrid Sizes

The Torrid size chart ranges from a size 10 to 30 and these are listed from 00 to 6. 

00 is the equivalent a M/L,  US 10 or UK / AU size 12. 

Size 6, equivalent of 6X  is the same as a US size 30 or UK/AU 32.

One thing we really like about Torrid is that sizes are listed 3 ways. Meaning that so you don’t need to be a wiz at size guides to know your true fit. 

Swimwear Sizes

No matter if you're flaunting a one- piece or two piece at the pool side, getting your perfect fit is crucial to feeling cool and confident in your swims. 

Swim tops are available in either wired or non-wired. If you prefer non wired then the key measurement you need is the underbust. 

But if wired is ore your thing, make sure to measure your bust at the widest part. 

For a one-piece, you will need all 3 bust, hips, and waist measurements. But like with the swim top, where you measure your boobs depends on if there is wiring or not. 

How To Find Your Perfect Shoe Size.

Finding a pair of wide-fit shoes that are comfortable and don’t pinch your feet can be a bit of a chore. That’s why we love Torrid. 

All you need to get started are a pen, paper, tape measure, your foot and these 4 steps: 

  1. Place your foot in the centre of the paper and trace the outline.

2. Next, take your tape measure (or ruler) and measure your foot from your big toe to heel.

3. Then, take another measurement of the width from the widest part of your foot.

4. Head to the Torrid website and compare your measurements to the torrid size chart. 

How To Find Your Next Bra 

Finding the perfect fitting bra can literally change everything how you look in your clothes, how you feel and even your posture. Getting a professional bra fit is the best place to start but you can definitely start at home.

Find out more and get the answer to your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder related problems on our Guide To Finding The Perfect Fitting Bra. 

Do you shop at Torrid? Share your looks with us on Insyze!