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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Why we removed the 'Like Count' from Insyze

You might have noticed something different about your Posts this week and you're right... something is different. That something, is the removal of 'like counts' on your posts.

Insyze was founded by two sisters (Sylvie - that's me! and Danielle) to be a positive space for plus size people to get inspiration for plus size fashion and feel good about our bodies. We are really proud of how far Insyze has come in such a short time.

We've seen our community grow to over 20,000 users (our amazing Insyders) and it's amazing to see that you are not just finding new clothing and discovering new brands, but also meeting a supportive community through Insyze Chats and the encouragement everyone receives on outfit posts.

But we realized something.

Insyze isn't a place where your follower count or your Like count matters.

Insyze is a community first, plus size fashion experience - where you can connect with others and find clothing and ideas for outfits for plus size bodies.

No body shame. No pressure. No expectations.

Of course, if you're a creator, Insyze is a great place to grow your audience and know that it's 100% plus size people here and no trolls.

But that darn like count... it's toxic.

We realized a Like count actually detracts from our mission to be a positive space. It makes you look at a number and value yourself against how big that number gets.

We believe that your worth shouldn't be measured by likes from others.

So we decided to remove the Like Count.

But... you'll notice that we haven't remove Likes.

This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. Because Likes help you to connect with others on Insyze
  2. When you like a post, the creator will still get a notification and know their community showed appreciation for their content.
  3. Because Likes themselves aren't toxic - but the like 'count' is.

So you can still earn points for liking content.

You can still like creators content, which sends them a notification.

You can still see who's liked your content and connect with them through your notifications.

But you don't need to count them, or feel like your posts are being judged.

When someone posts on Insyze, Danielle and I do a happy dance. It makes us so happy to see our community coming together and sharing outfits, help and ideas. It's our mission coming to life. We want to keep serving you with the best possible experience and we hope you agree with our decision.

Let us know if you didn't! We always welcome every piece of feedback we receive.