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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

5 Bloggers To Follow In October 2020 - Midwest

We’re continuing our tour around the US to bring you, bloggers, with diverse styles and life experiences. This month we are shining a light on Midwest plus size bloggers. Including awesome talent from around Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

Personal Bravery

Princess of Personal Bravery is all about creating uplifting content and inspiring others to be their own boss! The blog is dedicated to making you smile through sharing stories and experiences on  self-care, thrifting, beauty and fashion.

Blog posts we love: 

10 Dresses For Any Occasion Under $50

Monday Musings

Jessica Elaine Grace

Make-up artist and blogger Jessica Elaine Grace is here to share her love of make-up, fashion and interior design. We are so in love with Jessica’s stunning selection of dresses.

Check out these posts:

Pretty In Pink

Chic Pool Vibes

Prissy Missy

The Prissy Missy blog is all about fashion, fun and frugal living with a focus on living with chronic illness and loving your body just the way it is. Prissy Missy’s style has a quirky, retro pin-up vibe and we are so here for it!

View this post on Instagram

Let's talk body shaming! As many of you are aware, I am 9 months pregnant currently. I have been sharing a bit about how weird it is to be pregnant, as well as some of the things I have been up to, like how I trained to do a virtual 5K last month, which is something I was super proud of by the way. I also post some of my pregnancy musings over on my parenting page @bearhavenmama. I noticed a lot lately that every time I post a pregnancy pic or post something body positive on either page, my DMs get flooded or I get followed by "Health and Wellness Coaches" all concerned about my fatness and how I need to make plans now to lose my baby weight when I haven't even delivered yet! Here's the thing, these Hashtag Trolls go looking through hashtags to prey upon pregnant people and plus size people, acting like they need to save us. As someone who has been in the plus size influencing world for a few years, I know the damage these trolls bring because they make it so that a lot of body positive hashtags are unusable, thanks to their trolling. So let me be honest for a moment, I am never going to take someone seriously who hashtag trolls. I don't want your service, and you obviously don't know me or what I stand for. You have no idea that your little supplements can hurt me as I have some medical issues and a LONG list of food allergies. You don't know my story or the battle I have been fighting the last several years to get proper diagnosis and treatment for my issues. You just see a picture of someone plus size and pregnant and think I don't know I am fat! My weight is my business. My mission here is to promote self love. If you troll people to get your clients, you are doing it wrong and hurting the wellness influencer industry, which I know some health coaches on here that are killing it on here. Don't dim their shine and don't dim mine. Thanks for coming to my TED talk!

A post shared by Prissy Missy | NE Ohio Blogger (@prissymissydoll) on

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Curls And Contours

If you are looking for content on motherhood, Michigan life or plus size fashion, we love Anne Adams of Curls And Contours! We could scroll Anne’s gorgeous Insta feed for hours.

Blogs to read:

September With Chic Soul

Christopher and Banks Fall Style

Eclectic Kurves

Our final Midwest plus size blogger is Sierra Holmes of Eclectic Kurves, a lipstick and graphic print enthusiast - literally same! 

Eclectic Kurves is a safe space for women of all sizes, that wants to celebrate what makes us different.  

Blogs to read:

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Tell us who your fave Midwest plus size bloggers are?

Next month, we’ll be showcasing bloggers from the Rocky Mountains. If you would like to be featured or want to nominate your faves, DM us on Instagram.

See which other bloggers we have featuring from Florida, New York and the East Coast.