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Thursday, April 28, 2022

How Should I Dress for a Boho Style?

Dressing boho in your 30s is something to be proud of. After all, the style represents freedom, spirit, and radiance—qualities that anyone should be happy to embody at any age. But times have changed, and the boho look we knew of from the 2000s from Sierra Miller, Kate Moss, and the Olsen twins, isn’t the same as boho today. While boho dresses, ethnic fabrics, and funky patterns still represent the style, it now comes off as more muted, curated, and sophisticated.

What Is Boho?

“Boho” (short for Bohemian) is a style of dress that takes inspiration from the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, though it dates further back to where Bohemian comes from, which can be traced to the French Bohemian Revolution, where people from all walks of life began openly exploring alternative lifestyles. It’s marked by long, flowy, tiered dresses and skirts, old-timey blouses, patterned and ethnic fabrics, embroidery and embellishments, fringes, sandals and ankle boots, and different accessories.

Nowadays, boho has taken a step back from center stage. But it’s still subtly incorporated into current trends, with this more sophisticated version now known simply as boho chic.

Essential Boho Pieces to Have In Your Closet

Dressing in boho style is made easier with a few statement items to set as the foundation of your entire look. Shop these essential boho pieces here at Insyze to complete your closet.

Boho Dress

A boho dress is a flowy garment that typically reaches your mid-thighs or ankles, though knee-length dresses also count. It comes with large puffy sleeves or thin straps, blossoming into a breezy bottom. You can get them from Insyze in boho style with plain earthy colors or floral or island-style patterns, with ruffles, or as tiered dresses.

Slouchy Cardigan or Sweater

Search “boho” on Tumblr or Pinterest, and you’ll likely pull up photos of people in slouchy knit cardigans or sweaters. It’s an essential boho piece, best layered with patterned clothes and boots for a spring-time Bohemian look.

Printed Tops

A printed top, especially one that has ethnic patterns or uses earthy fabrics, is a must to complete a boho-chic outfit. You’ll find a lot of options, from loud prints to dainty florals; pick what works best with your personal style and matches with other pieces in your wardrobe to make for a long-term investment.

Midi or Maxi Skirt

The great thing about the right midi or maxi skirt is that you can pair it with almost anything—even just a simple tank top—and you’ll still end up with a boho-style outfit. Get something that matches well with the rest of your closet and you even have a versatile piece you can use again and again!

Flare Pants

It’s easy to get intimidated by flare pants. What if it doesn’t look as good as you hoped? But there are ways to pull off those bell bottoms, especially if you’re putting it together with a whole boho-style outfit. Pair it with a tight patterned top or a flowy blouse, and you’re good to go.


When it comes to boho style, accessories don’t just mean jewelry. It includes everything from cool hats to chunky bangles to patterned scarves. Even the most minimalist looks can turn boho with the right extras!

How to Dress for a Boho Style

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of boho style!

Mix-and-Match Fabrics

Ethnic fabrics, vintage textures, and cool patterns are go-to’s for boho style. Explore these different options, mixing and matching them to suit your fashion.

Play with Layers

Don’t be afraid to put stuff over each other—just make sure not to overdo it. Throw on a cardigan over that boho dress, and layer on different accessories to complete your look.


Layer on the accessories, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different pairings! Don’t forget: your makeup can be boho, too.

Rock That Boho Look Today!

Shop for your boho essentials at Insyze and get started on putting these style tips to use! At the end of the day, remember that boho style is all about freedom and radiance. Feeling good in what you’re wearing is the first step to making sure that you look in your boho outfit!