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Saturday, February 12, 2022

How to Pose for Pictures When You’re Plus Size

Have you ever got in front of the camera and literally had no idea what to do with yourself? And what do people mean when they talk about angles? - you’re a human being, not a triangle! No matter if you are new to being in front of the camera and are feeling a bit self-conscious or maybe you’re an absolute pro at working those ‘angles’, we’ve got some top tips on how to pose for pictures plus size so you can slay for your next Insta-worthy photoshoot. 

Before we get into the poses, let’s talk about our key tips for creating killer photos: 


You’ve got this QUEEN! Whatever pose you’re striking, if you feel even just a little bit uncomfortable, it’ll show. So unlock your jaw, relax your muscles and just let go! 

You’ll feel a lot calmer and instantly see the differences between shoots.

Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In 

Ditto our last tip. If you are loving the plus size shirt dress you are wearing, your audience will too, and it shows in your gorgeous photos.

Go For It 

If you’re scrolling through Insta and see a cute pose but aren’t sure if it’ll work for you, our advice is - try it! Then, if you like it but aren’t 100% sure about the result, post your picture on Insyze, our Plus Size Outfit Share Facebook Group or your Close Friends list on Instagram Stories. These are safe spaces with people you know will have your back and will offer tips and advice.

Check Your Lighting

A lot of the time, the key between a good photo and a ‘not so great’ photo comes down to bad lighting. Try to use as much natural light in your pictures as possible by taking pictures during daylight, investing in a ring light, spotlights and/ or lighting reflectors.

For more stylish picks and tips from Insyze check out our post on How To Dress For Your Body Shape.

Some of our fave poses for pictures plus size include:

Hand on Hip

This is an absolute classic pose that works super well for plus-size babes and gives you the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. To create this look stand with your feet shoulder width apart and place your right hand onto your right hip, (or go the other way if you want) then pop out your opposite hip to create a ‘hip dip’. 

The Power Pose

If you’re feeling like a total badass in your outfit, we love The Power Pose. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and place both hands on your hips angled to the back. Then, to really make this pose pop, tilt your pelvic bone forwards. 

Arms Up 

When you don’t know what to do with your arms in pictures, this is a great pose for you. Start by popping your left hip and tilting your pelvic bone forwards. Then, place both arms over your head, bending your left elbow to hold onto your right forearm. (Or the other way round if you prefer. You could then either stick your opposite leg or cross your legs to the front. This is a perfect pose for your next vacation, check out our tips for what to wear in Hawaii.

The Money Shot 

This backshot is perfect for showing off your bootylicious behind. Start with your back to the camera, standing with your legs shoulder width apart. Step back with one leg and turn your body so that you are looking back at the camera. Arch your back slightly. 

What are your go-to poses for pictures plus size? Share your looks with us on Insyze.