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Friday, May 15, 2020

Small Biz Spotlight: And I Get Dressed

What is better than a plus size blog? A plus size blog with merch! And I Get Dressed is a brand created by Kellie Brown. Before it became a community, And I Get Dressed began as a personal plus size blog.

You can now find her on Instagram, YouTube and her personal blog where she sells fabulous fat merch.

Her brand has "evolved into a global network where stylish women from all walks of life, see themselves reflected. The purpose of this community is to highlight style, beauty travel, and lifestyle beyond perceived “limitations” of ones body type or sizes."

What is on her IG?

The And I Get Dressed Instagram reposts people on a daily basis for plus size fashion inspirations. With an all-inclusive brand, you will see all sizes and styles.

Kellie also has a personal instagram where you can stay up to date with her personal plus size fashion and life. In addition to being a lifestyle instagram, Kellie recently moved to LA and is posting premium interior decorating content!

View this post on Instagram

Thought I dreamed of you but it was deja vu...

A post shared by Kellie Brown (@itsmekellieb) on

What is on her YouTube?

From dressing room try ons, to plus size clothing hauls, you'll never be bored on Kellie's YouTube channel. Plus size YouTubers are all the rage in the plus size fashion world. We recently even wrote an article with five Plus Size YouTubers to follow this month here.

We are loving one of her most recent posts: What I'm Actually Wearing While Stuck in the House, which we've linked below:

What is on her Personal Blog?

You can find beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle on And I Get Dressed. There are options to keep you busy for days! Which is what we need especially during quarantine. Also during quarantine, we're upping our sweater game so Kellie's post "50 Plus Size Sweaters That Are Unbelievably Good" is a must read.

Plus size sweaters are better than ever. I remember shopping for sweaters in seasons past and only being able to find the most basic colors, cardigans and things my grandma would call “lovely”. Now, sweaters are bright, fun, on trend and we even have some dope novelty sweaters that don’t celebrate any specific holiday. Being able to express your style, point of view and heck even sense of humor when it comes to getting dressed is paramount to our fashion self-esteem. 

And I Get Dressed Merchandise

Speaking of plus size sweaters, don't even get us started with what Kellie is selling on And I Get Dressed. Our favorite is definitely the All Boobies R Good Boobies Crew which you can purchase for less than $40.

Her other items run for around the same price point, $30-$40 where you can buy plus size long sleeves, sweatshirts and tee shirts. Her clothing sizes are all-inclusive ranging from small to 5x.

We highly recommend you jumping on the And I Get Dressed train. Kellie will keep you entertained and inspired.

We have loved reading into Kellie's company and other small businesses. Last week we posted Small Business Spotlight: Katie K Active.

Which plus size business should we feature next? DM us on Instagram or comment below to let us know!