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Thursday, February 24, 2022

What Is My Plus-Size Body Shape?

Body shapes vary dramatically from person to person. Even if you have the same dress size, how clothes fit on you can look very different depending on your body shape.

Knowing your body type can help you find outfits and clothes that make you feel great. Plus, it can make buying clothes a breeze as you know instantly what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Identifying your body shape can help you in so many ways. For instance, you will be able to put together outfits for clubbing more easily. You’ll find that nailiing down that business casual dress code on a Friday is no longer any trouble. Or you may find new ways of styling a shirt dress to show off your best features in ways you would never have thought of in the past.

Types of Plus-Size Body Shapes

Before you can learn how to dress for your body shape, you first need to know what types there are and which best describes your figure. Then you can go shopping to show off what you have.

O (Apple) Body Shape 

The O body shape describes a person with a waist that is more extensive than their shoulders and hips. The chest can still be prominent, but an O-shaped person’s weight usually centers around the middle. 

X (Hourglass) Body Shape 

The X body shape was made famous by Marilyn Monroe with her defined waist, big bust and shapely hips. The shoulders and hips are usually similar in width with an X body shape.

A (Pear) Body Shape 

The A shape, or pear shape, is when a person’s buttocks, hips or thigh area is larger than their upper half. Their shoulders will be smaller than their waist, and they often have a reasonably flat tummy area.

H (Banana) Body Shape 

An H body shape is an individual whose waist, shoulders and hips are all around the same size. There is very little difference between the width of these body parts, meaning that this type of figure has few curves in the main body area. Straight up and down is another way to think of it. 

V (Strawberry) Body Shape 

A V shape, or an inverted triangle, is the opposite of a pear shape or A body. A person’s shoulders are wider than their waist and hips for this body type. The chest area is also usually larger, while the tummy area is flatter, though the waist may still be wider than the hips. 

How to Determine Your Plus-Size Body Shape

To determine your plus-size body shape, look in the mirror. Put on as slim-fitting clothes as possible. Better yet, be in your underwear! See where your body is at its widest point to understand your body shape. 

This exercise is not looking to see what parts of your body you would like to change. It is simply a good way of being realistic about how your body carries its weight. Some people have more around their thighs, while others have larger chests. Some will have a natural curve at their waists, while others have shapely legs. 

Compare your mirror findings to our above list and evaluate which one more closely aligns with your body measurements. Are your shoulders wider than your hips, or is your waist broader? How does your chest stack up? Answering these questions will help identify your correct body shape. 

Why Knowing Your Body Shape Can Be Helpful

Embrace your body shape, and find clothes that make you shine! Your body is beautiful no matter what, and knowing whether you are an O or an A can help you make the most of that beautiful shape.

You can emphasize features that you may have otherwise shrouded in layers of material. You can also pinpoint which trends or styles to target or leave to other body shapes. Most importantly, you will be able to find perfect-fitting clothes for you to feel confident and take the world by storm!