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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

What Is the Most Flattering Dress for Plus Size?

Size doesn’t matter when curating the perfect wardrobe. What’s important is knowing the right cuts, silhouettes and fabrics that highlight your best parts. 

Plus-size bodies have a lot of great fashion choices, from casual shirt dresses to stylish A-line pieces. And don't forget about those bold garments for outfits with knee-high boots

But which style will flatter your curves the most?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It all depends on your body type. For example, A-line dresses look fabulous on round bodies, while symmetrical cuts work wonders on triangular shapes. Wrap dresses accentuate hourglass figures wonderfully.

This guide will help you find the most flattering dress for your curves and make buying plus-size dresses online even easier!

First Things First: Know Your Body

Before anything else, measure yourself. Sizes can be confusing, so keeping your measurements on hand is wise. In fact, it may be a good idea to keep them in a note on your phone so you have them with you wherever you go! That way, you’ll know how anything will fit.

It’s also helpful to know your body shape. You can determine your shape by looking at the ratios surrounding your torso. These typically fall into six categories: round (apple), inverted triangle (pear), rectangle (straight), oval, triangle or hourglass.

Flattering Dresses for Plus-Size Bodies

Now that you know your body, it’s time to shop! Here are the dresses that will flatter your plus-size body.


A-line dresses have a fitted top and torso, with a bottom section that flares out in a triangular shape. It creates the impression of an hourglass shape, and it works for all body types. That said, aim for A-line dresses made of sturdier materials so that they keep their shape as they hug you in the right places.


Empire dresses gather beneath the bust, drawing attention to the upper body as it drapes below. They come in various lengths. You’ll find versions as short as sundresses or as long as maxi dresses, making them an easy choice for all occasions.

This style works best for oval, triangle or rectangle body shapes.


Peplum dresses are bodycon dresses with some flare in the hips. They’re perfect for oval or rectangle figures, giving an overall slimmer look. This style creates a curvy figure, making the waist narrower than the shoulders and hips.


Wrap dresses cinch at the hips, slimming and emphasizing the waist to flatter your figure. They usually come with a criss-cross v-neck that brings shape up top, elongating the neck. They’re universally flattering, but those with round, oval, triangle or rectangle bodies will benefit the most from this style.


Midi dresses are fabulous for anybody who’s looking to elongate their body. As they end by the ankles, they give the impression of a taller figure—more so if you wear them with the right pair of shoes!


Fit-and-flare dresses tuck at the waist. They help define your silhouette, particularly if you’ve got an hourglass shape.


Bodycon dresses do a great job highlighting your curves, especially if you nail the color and cuts. That said, they work best for people with hourglass figures as they hug the chest and the waist in the most flattering way.

Shop these flattering plus size dresses

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Tips for Plus-Size Fashion

Finding the right dress is just the first step in creating looks that make you feel your best. Here are a few more tips to remember.

Invest in Great Underwear

You won’t believe what an excellent underwear set can do for the body! It sets up the foundation of your outfit, helping you look put together while being comfortable and supported.

Learn to Accessorize

We can’t always find the absolute perfect dress. But even average pieces can become amazing outfits with the right accessories. Try on necklaces, bangles, scarves and hats to complete your looks.


Getting your fashion style right takes a lot of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s the only way to know what look works best for you.

After determining the right style, browse the Insyze catalog to find the pieces you love—and celebrate your curves even more!