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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

What to wear for the A (pear) body shape

On Insyze, we use letters to describe body shapes - but we know not everyone does! So in this guide, we'll refer to our A shape as the classic pear shape.

Do you have a pear body shape and wondering what types of clothes are most flattering for your body type? In this guide, we'll be going over what the classic characteristics of this body shape are and how to accentuate your gorgeous curves.

Characteristics of the pear body shape a.k.a the A body shape include:

Small chest

Small stomach

Narrow waist

Wide hips

Big  booty

Big thighs

The key to dressing your pear body is to create volume (or at least the illusion of) to your top half and waist and take attention away from your bottom.  This will give you a more balanced silhouette and more of an hourglass shape.

Challenges for A shaped women include dresses and certain clothing being too big on top and too small on the bottom. Many women can differ by 2-3 dress sizes between top and bottom and this is especially frustrating when shopping for swimwear that you can't mix and match!

Here's our guide for what to wear for the A (Pear) Shape


As an A body shape, make the most of your beautiful figure by accentuating your waist and top half.

The easiest way to draw attention to your top half is to go for tops that are bright and colourful or are patterned. You can choose body suits, crop tops, vests and anything fitted. The more fitted the better as this will accentuate your curves rather than hide them and make you look frumpy.

Try styles with embellishment around the décolletage to draw the eye level up. Structured shoulders and princess or batwing sleeves will have similar results.

Other sleeve lengths that will look great on the pear body shape include: 3/4 length, capped and long sleeves.

Pretty much any neckline, like boat necks, wide V or U necks, and off-the-shoulder styles will work well for pear body shapes.

Coats and Jackets

3/4 length jackets or jackets that fall below the hip are great for your body shape (especially if they have a nipped-in waist); they will skim over your ‘problem areas’ without drawing attention to them.

Jackets that fall at the hips have the opposite effect so you might want to avoid those.

Another tip for picking out your next winter coat or transitional jacket is that you want to stay away from styles that have low pockets as these will draw attention to your hips. Chest pockets are the way to go.

Tailored jackets and blazers add structure and definition to your shoulders,  giving the illusion of adding volume to your top half and balancing out your silhouette. – One to add to your shopping list.


When it comes to dresses, forget the sleeves. Strapless dresses (especially if they have a sweetheart neckline) are perfect for you. They help to broaden the shoulders and draw attention to your top half. For the same reason, dresses with halter necks or spaghetti straps will also make a great choice.

Dresses with full or A-line skirts will skim over your more voluptuous hips so embrace the poof!

You're also a lucky body shape to wear body con dresses, as they skim over your curves.

If you're self conscious of your legs, then midi and maxi lengths are the best for you. It's better to feel confident in something you really love - as confidence shines through every outfit!

Jeans and Trousers

Wide-leg trousers are your new best friend. Palazzo style or straight leg trousers that fall from the widest part of the waist will look great on you but skinny fits or styles that are ‘figure hugging’ will just draw attention to your hips and thighs.

Embrace your curvier bottom half and wear skinny jeans as they'll fit you well. Mom jeans might look very bulky on you and stiff denim styles can be quite restrictive to wear - however as long as you're comfortable, you can definitely wear these styles.

Avoid 3/4 length styles that cut you off mid-calf as they can make you look boxy.


The same ‘rules’ for trousers and jeans apply when you lovely pears are choosing a skirt to buy: go for styles that fall from the widest part of the hips.

A-line skirts or lightly gathered skirts that skim over your body without adding extra volume are a perfect choice for you. Knee-length skirts are winning styles.


Wearing a belt will draw attention to your waist area, which, for most pears, is considered to be the ‘problem area.’ Avoid wide belts where possible as they will emphasize both the size of your hips and waist.

The secret to dressing for your pear body shape is to attract attention upwards and away from your lower body. Wearing a scarf or statement jewelry like a necklace or earrings is great for doing just this.

Golden rules for dressing your pear body shape:

Choose tops in structured styles with low or wide necklines

Stick to embellishment on your top half

Avoid oversized tops as they'll drown you

Go for dark colors on your lower half and lighter colors to the top.

Embrace the body con!

We hope you found this guide to dressing an A body shape helpful! We would love to see your tips so join Insyze and make some Collections of your favorite A body shape pieces to help other women with your shape get inspired.

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