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Monday, March 28, 2022

What To Wear To Yoga When Plus Size

While some may think that only certain body types can do yoga, the reality is very different. Yoga and its incredible health benefits are for everyone. Nonetheless, finding plus-size yoga apparel that fits and looks good can be challenging (just like deciding what to wear with a skater skirt!)  But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. 

This article looks at plus-size outfits that will make your yoga sessions more productive. Remember that one of the main goals of yoga is to help people feel their best, and this also extends to what one is wearing (You can also check out our tips for wearing a denim skirt.) As athleisure continues to become more popular as a fashion statement and not just as practical fitness gear, more women are craving activewear that expresses their style.

The Perfect Plus-Size Yoga Outfit

If you’re a plus-size woman in search of a yoga outfit that can keep up with your practice sessions, lounge time, and other activities, you can definitely find a look that suits you. As with rocking a skater dress, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with your body. Doing so will empower you to pick an outfit you can wear proudly and fondly.

To help you spend less time looking for the perfect clothes for your yoga sessions, we’ll break down exactly what makes the ideal plus-size yoga outfit.

Apparel That Enables You To Move

The most important thing to keep in mind when picking your yoga outfit is movability. You should feel comfortable and free in what you are wearing. Do not pick something too tight! You can go with a cute strappy sports bra, secure and supportive, and pair it up with a flowy top. 

You also want to ensure that the fabric is durable and long-lasting. Consider a pair of leggings that have UV sun protection for when you are out doing yoga in the park or on the beach. The idea is to protect your body and still look sleek while practicing. Look for designers who include mesh panels in their activewear pieces, as they offer sufficient breathing room and prove stretchier as you do your workout. 

A Touch Of Color

Body positivity is all about honoring the skin you're in, and there’s no better way to showcase your curves than with bold prints and colors. Finding appealing plus-size activewear in colors aside from black and gray can sometimes be challenging. 

The good news is things are starting to change. More and more boutique athletic-wear designers are coming up with colored and patterned tank tops, leggings, and more, for all shapes and sizes. Use these pieces to spice up your workout wardrobe. Invest in a go-to pair of patterned leggings or a bright color top, which you can pair up with your more classic black and gray yoga apparel. Or spice things up with a cute colorful sports bra that politely peeks out from your tank top.

The Full-Figure Sports Bra

Finding the right plus-size workout support bra is easier said than done. Some women have even been known to wear two bras on top of each other! When shopping for the perfect yoga sports bra for your plus-size figure, look for brands that provide full figure support and include a wide range of band and cup sizes. The type of sports bra you want for yoga offers full coverage, unlike your standard jogging or running bra. You can also look into bra extenders to get the best and the most comfortable fit possible. 

To Sum Up

There is no reason to compromise on style and comfort when it comes to plus-size yoga outfits. The plus-size yoga apparel sector is flourishing, and more brands are designing activewear with all body shapes and sizes in mind.