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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Workwear style for the hourglass figure

Do you find it difficult to find suitable clothing styles for work that accentuate your hourglass shape, without being too full on? We’ve got some top tips for finding the best workwear styles for the hourglass figure that are super flattering and will have you looking professional.

Hourglass body shape

  • Equally proportioned bust and hips
  • A defined waist
  • Large boobs

Read our top tips for the body shape here.

Workwear Styles for The Hourglass Figure

The main problem faced by those with an hourglass body shape is that their figure can make them look too ‘sexy’ which can be a problem at work, where looking ‘sexy’ might not be the best idea. On our Hourglass Body Shape Guide, we suggested that you downplay this by wearing slimming, darker colours on top or even vertical stripes.

We love the classicly fabulous Elaine Pinion Duster from Sante Grace.


When choosing a blouse or shirt for the hourglass workwear wardrobe don’t be tempted by all those ruffles, chest pockets and detailing around the collar. These added with your large bust can make you look top heavy. Unless that is the look that you are wanting to go for, wave that pussy bow goodbye.

Go for sleek, simple lines such as this Mercedes Linen shirt from Poplinen.


Any length of jacket will work for your body shape but stick to single-breasted styles rather than double-breasted and remember that simplicity is key.

Skirts and Trousers

Streamline your skirt look to avoid looking bottom heavy. A pencil skirt is an ideal choice for the hourglass body shape. We love this Gigi Slit Maxi Skirt from Leota.

Top trouser tips include choosing lightly flared or bootcut styles as these will balance out your hips. Why not try these Carter 70's Flared Trousers from Mayes NYC.

If you have an hourglass body shape we’d love to hear what you wear to the office. Let us know in the comments below.

As with all of the InSyze body shape style guides, our tips are purely guidelines not ‘rules.’