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Sunday, March 20, 2022

How to Dress a Short Plus-Size Body

Looking great in a maxi dress is pretty easy when you're elegantly tall. But learning how to dress when you have a short, plus-size body can be tricky, with limited fashion options for petite curvy girls!

The great news is that if you're short, wearing a bodysuit or dancing around in a super cute skater dress is absolutely possible.

No more rolled-up jean cuffs or floor-sweeping hems in sight!

Finding Quality Fashion Brands for Short Plus-Size Shapes

First, let's recognize that it is a struggle to spend countless hours trawling around stores without any decent plus-size ranges, and how frustrating it can be if you're also petite.

It's often a toss-up between choosing pieces that fit but are way too long or trying to squeeze into something uncomfortable but more suitable for your height.

Which is far from being a great way to embrace the joys of fashion!

Insyze celebrates the wonderful diversity of our shapes, sizes, styles, and silhouettes. We're here for every plus-size woman who's ever left a store feeling that there isn't a suitable range of stunning clothes to choose from.

Now, let's run through some advice from our fashionista stylists to help you put together a killer outfit.

Tips for Dressing as a Petite Plus Size

One of the key things to remember is that clothes should be made to fit you. You don’t need to shrink yourself to squeeze into an outfit or wear matching blister-inducing heels—it's the other way around!

Most models, even those for plus-size brands, are 5'9” or taller. So, yeah, we're not kidding when we say that a whole lot of labels don't carry pieces designed for less lofty women.

We often chat with clients who wear crop tops as tees when trying to figure out their style. But this is most likely the wrong cut for your shape. You can do so much better! Here are few fashion tips for those with short, plus-size bodies:

  • Wear a bra that fits like a glove! You want a good level of support from lingerie, but also pieces that don't dig in or rub.
  • Bold colors look awesome. You can go for matchy-matchy separates or a gorgeous A-line dress to stand out from the crowd.
  • Bulky fabrics get a thumbs down. They're usually hot, heavy and mask your shape.
  • While we all love a chic belt, most shorter women prefer a sleek outline and try to avoid anything that cinches too tight and feels restrictive.
  • Vertical lines are a well-known style trick if you'd like to appear taller, but it's by no means necessary if you're embracing your smaller height.
  • Jersey and knit fabrics are your BFFs. They're flattering, have a natural amount of movement, and feel wonderfully soft.
  • Looking for a night-out-on-the-town outfit? We suggest trying some hip-length tops with faux leather leggings or high-waisted jeans with a pretty crop to avoid anything too blocky that drowns you out.

The trick is always to choose pieces that reflect your personality, feel comfy to move in, and fit you flawlessly. When you look fantastic, you feel amazing—it's all about finding that balance.

If you'd like any other style advice about the best brands for petite plus-size bodies, please visit Insyze for personalized recommendations—and discover a world of curated plus-size garments that inspire.