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Sunday, April 3, 2022

How To Look Good At The Beach When You’re Plus Size

Are you the type of person who enjoys your time at the beach splashing around in the waters? Or do you prefer to sit by the shore and sip on your favorite margarita while reading a book? Either way, the fact is that an outing to the beach is something we all appreciate much more when we are wearing our favorite beachwear. 

Choosing your perfect outfit can be as fun as deciding which top to rock with a pair of leggings when you are heading out for a yoga session! 

How To Look Good At The Beach With Your Plus-Size, Curvy Figure

If you’re a regular visitor to the beach, you know that having the right outfit can make a huge difference.

Contrary to what some may think, a plus-size body shape doesn't mean that you have to cover up your curves with more clothes. On the contrary, it means wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in with your curvy figure, just like with a skater dress

Nowadays, you can find a vast collection of plus-size beach outfits to choose from that won’t leave you feeling under or overdressed. Let’s look at some beach attire for plus-size women and explore some styling tips you can apply when you are out enjoying the sun and surf.

Maxi Plus Size Dresses

Maxi dresses are ideal for plus-size women and are designed to suit practically any occasion. Wearing one when you're by the seaside allows you to show off your curves in an elegant way. Strapless maxi dresses are a great choice, as they are stylish, comfortable, and won’t leave tan lines on your shoulders!

A Crop Top With Some Nice-Looking Shorts

To show off your confidence with your curvy body, show up to the beach in a crop top and shorts. It’s a classic, comfortable beach outfit and sure to turn a few heads. If you plan to visit the beach a lot this summer, this outfit will make you look flirty and stylish every time you are there.

Beach Dresses With Abstract Prints

Today, one of the most prominent trends in beach apparel for plus-size women is bold, appealing prints. If you decide to go down this road, choose something with vibrant colors to help to flaunt your curves in style.

All Black Swimsuits

On the other end of the spectrum is the timeless black swimsuit. It’s classic, elegant and allows you to soak in the sun throughout the day. Works equally well as a one-piece or as a bikini and puts the focus on your curvy silhouette. 

Beach-Worthy T-Shirt For That Casual Look

If you’re looking for something other than bikinis and swimsuits, you can go with a more casual look. Throw on a simple but nice-looking t-shirt with shorts or a skirt, depending on what you’re comfortable in.

Kimonos For The Beach

Colorful kimonos are appealing and tropically stylish wherever you choose to wear them, and on the beach is no exception. A floral print piece can give your outfit the perfect dash of glam over a cute bikini or simple t-shirt. You can’t go wrong with a kimono.

In Closing

The first and most critical aspect of looking great is to be comfortable in your skin regardless of what you are wearing. Being confident in your appearance is part and parcel of a great outfit. When you are happy with who you are, it shows. So, always remember to value and appreciate yourself and your beautiful curves!