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Friday, April 1, 2022

What Tops to Wear With Leggings for Plus Sizes

Leggings are a go to style for lots of us as not only are they super comfortable and easy to wear, but if you find the right pair they can double up as shapewear too! If, like us, you literally live in your leggings or if you just want to change up your look, check out our top recommendations of what tops to wear with leggings for plus sizes.

Wear leggings like a pair of tights underneath a skater dress - a great style hack for winter if you don’t have thermals or thick wooly tights, or a tunic for the ultimate plus-size staple. Alternatively you can wear your leggings as pants for a laid-back look or as activewear.

Check out more of our awesome style guides from looking great at the beach to what to wear with a skater skirt.

The Best Leggings

At Insyze we’re big believers of if you wear something a lot, it’s worth investing in great quality and leggings are no exception. 

We love a good bargain as much as the next person but if you have to get the needle and thread out to fix holes in your leggings every few weeks because you’ve worn through them, they probably weren’t the best choice. 

And let’s be honest, those leggings went straight in the trash and you bought a new pair - no sewing kit necessary. 

Look for more durable fabrics and styles that are well made. They will give you great support, are less likely to keep rolling down and will fit you well so you can avoid the dreaded camel toe.

High waisted leggings are our top pick for plus size to help us feel put together and supported. We love opaque ponte leggings, jeggings, yoga pants or the very en vogue faux leather leggings.

See our top picks of what tops to wear with leggings for plus sizes:

With a Bralette 

The legging and bralette look is an essential work out style that is perfect for the dance studies, yoga space, park or gym. Lots of bralettes or active wear crop tops are both breathable and sweat wicking which means that they actually draw moisture away from your body and are quick drying so that you don’t get all hot and sweaty.

With a Tunic

When choosing what tops to wear with leggings for plus sizes a tunic is always a good idea. We recommend going for a style that falls below your waistline or mid-thigh, rather than at the widest part of your body. Choose a block color for an effortlessly chic look.

With a Denim Jacket 

Throw your favorite denim jacket over a white tee, leggings and sneakers for a casual look that’s perfect for running errands, dog walks or doing the school run.

With a Plaid Shirt

Bonus points if your shirt matches up with your leggings so if you’re wearing black leggings, pick a black and white plaid shirt.

With a Long Cardigan

Dress up your leggings look with a layered cardigan look and your favorite pair of knee high boots. We love this outfit idea for a coffee date with friends or casual work from home look. It's a great way of mixing up a variety of different lengths and is super cozy too.

With an Oversized Sweater

Another great layered legging style is with a cute sweater. We are over a longline shirt for a layered style. This is a super cozy yet chic look that’s a great choice for traveling.

Do you love your leggings as much as we do? Share your leggings look with us on the Insyze app.