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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

10 Inspirational Plus Size Women We’re Celebrating On International Women’s Day 2020

We hope you all have your calendars marked for International Women’s Day coming up this Sunday, March 8th!

Although it may feel like everyday is International Women’s Day at the Insyze office, this is the official worldwide day of celebrating all women. It is a day of honoring all faiths, races, genders or sexual identities, disabilities and so much more.  

In the world of social media, practically everyday is an international celebration of anything ranging from tequila to International Fanny Pack Day. Seriously, it is coming up March 12th, time to bust those bad boys out! 

But, International Women’s Day has been around since 1908 in response to terrible working conditions.  15,000+ women protested in the streets of New York for better pay, hours and voting rights. This day was honored by the Socialist Party and given a specific date, eventually going international just a couple years after.

Image courtesy of La Riposte socialiste

Flash-forward 112 years later and although we have made strides in feminism, we still have a long way to go.  I mean, why are we still fighting for the right to do what we want with our bodies?

10 Inspirational Women We're Celebrating

We have rounded up ten plus-size bloggers to be on the lookout for this International Women’s Day.  These bloggers do not limit themselves to one day a year, rather their entire feed is an ode to feminism in the 21st century.

Hayet Rida / @hayet.rida

Hayet is a Chicago influencer who also is killing it in the corporate world working at Facebook/Instagram! She posts all the plus size outfit inspiration you need sprinkled with career advice and general words of wisdom. 

Kyle Hennessy / @kylehennessy

Kyle is a comedian, hair colorist, and celeb stylist in Los Angeles.  She is posting not only killer outfits featuring cheetah jackets and pink snake print, but so much more. Follow along!

Alexandra Thomas /@learningtobefearless

View this post on Instagram

Does this ring make me look engaged?! 🤪💍🥰

A post shared by Alexandra Thomas (@learningtobefearless) on

Alexandra posts premium style, skincare and motivational content.  She also just got engaged (congratulations!) and is somehow outshining that rock in her Instagram! 

Nicolette Mason / @nicolettemason

Nicolette is a leader in the LGBTQ+ world who is constantly blessing our feeds with style, dog and travel pictures.  Do yourself a favor and follow along! 

Tallulah Moon / @tallulah_moon

In need of a beach vacation? Power momma Tallulah will literally convince you you’re there everyday with her amazing coastal posts.  Check her and her adorable family out, you won’t be sorry. 

Lenix Trena'e / lenix_trenae

Fashion styler and blogger, Lenix is giving us major outfit inspiration with everyday looks sprinkled with some high fashion elements. 

Dani Sauter / @blonde_inthedistrict

Dani is “breaking the barrier of beauty being defined by size” as described in her IG bio.  She is constantly pushing the societal boundaries to be more inclusive and we are here for it! 

Lillian Elliott / @lillian_ee

In need of some new activewear or motivation? Lillian is constantly posting her workout gear and inspiring words regarding why she works out for her mental being.  

Savanna Sievers / @savannasievers

Model, influencer and YouTuber, Savanna embraces her femininity on a daily basis.  Her confidence literally radiates through to us, so thank you! 

Antonia Jade / @antonia.jade

Antonia has an amazing outlook on life, some words of wisdom from her post above...

“I try to love myself by reaffirming with myself everyday that I am a bad b and I’m worthy of love and respect just as much as anyone else even if I may not fit societies standard of beauty!”

This list could go on and on, but we have to cap it somewhere or I’ll be blogging until National Women’s Day 2021… 

We can’t wait to see all the love and support on the social media platforms this Sunday.  Nothing brings women together like celebrating other women!

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