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Friday, February 4, 2022

What Is Considered Plus Size?

Most clothing brands and retailers consider anything from a US size 16 and over to be a plus-size product, but we all know there isn't any reliable universal standard.

Fashion industry size charts are notoriously scattershot. It can be extremely frustrating to order a gorgeous shirt dress (that you know will look incredible) and then receive your delivery, only to find that the size isn't close to accurate.

We get it. That’s why we developed Insyze—to help you find those perfect denim dresses and plus-size staples that will fit like a dream.

How to Make Plus-Size Shopping Easier

Designers and brands all have perceptions about what will make customers feel ready to shimmy out the door and take on the day—but they often fall far from the mark. 

Dressing plus-size for an hourglass figure can easily jump from a joy to a chore when you're confronting a range of baffling size charts that cater to one uniform shape and all have a different take on plus-size dressing.

Here's what can make your shopping experience truly enjoyable (aside from sipping a glass of something chilled as you browse):

  • Diverse representation: When you see an item that looks incredible on different sizes, shapes and silhouettes.
  • Personalized recommendations: Pieces that speak to your style, whether they’re casual and laid-back or elegant and sharp.
  • Accurate fabric information: You don't need to be a textiles expert to choose a new outfit, but clothes that need extra-special washing or have zero stretch should be clearly labeled that way.
  • Sizing clarity: If you're anything like us, you'll always feel a bit apprehensive about those generic drop-down size boxes and want to know if you should size up or down if you've never worn the brand before.

Sound familiar? If you're after divine additions to your wardrobe, a range of fabulous brands, affordable pricing and high-quality fabrics, we can help!

Plus-Size Fast Fashion vs. Personal Styling Services 

Whether you're a juicy pear, a vibrant strawberry or a ripe banana, wearing clothes that fit beautifully can make a huge difference to your overall vibe.

Fast fashion is accessible and cheap, but all too often, you end up with poor-quality fabrics that shrink at the first wash or have zippers that break after one wearing. In addition, when you are unsure of the plus-size metrics for a retailer, shopping becomes too much of a headache to be any fun.

Personalized styling, however, doesn't need to involve an expensive stylist, a trip downtown or uncomfortable hours in a changing room. At Insyze, we champion brands that offer the perfect blend of affordability and ethics–and produce beautiful pieces that can add pop to your wardrobe without buckling your bank account.

Let's run through how personalized recommendations with Insyze works:

  1. Take our short style quiz, and together we'll pin down the colors, shades, shapes and looks that speak to your inner goddess.
  2. Next, let us know your budget. We'll be sure to make recommendations that will keep you—and your wallet—happy.
  3. Receive customized suggestions featuring true-to-size, plus-size pieces that reflect your personality with every swoosh and spin.

Easy, effortless plus-size fashion can be that straightforward, and giving you recommended style and outfits ideas for your size, budget and style is what Insyze is all about. It's our dream to boost your confidence with jaw-dropping outfits that hit all the marks.