What to wear for the strawberry body shape

If your shoulders are broad and wider than the rest of your body, you might just be a strawberry body type a.k.a.the V body shape. You may have heard of apple and pear shapes, but the strawberry body shape is the alternative fruity name of the inverted triangle shape.

As we say in all of our body shape guides; please remember that body type guidelines are intended only as a basis to work from, but they’re not the be-all and end-all rules to live by when dressing for your shape. Feeling comfortable, personal style, body confidence and different occasions are all factors when choosing an outfit - so although this post is meant as a positive guide for the 'science' of flattering fits for the strawberry body shape, you can basically wear whatever TF you want sis.

When it comes to dressing for the strawberry body type, there's so many tips and tricks for choosing the perfect type of clothes to wear that you'll feel amazing in! Here's how to do just that.

What is the Strawberry Body Shape?

If you have a beautiful strawberry shape, you will have wider shoulders than your hips. Strawberry shapes tend to have a great bust and amazing legs, with a small hip to waist ratio – i.e. not much waist definition. When it comes to dressing the strawberry body type, the aim of the game is to balance your top half with your bottom half, making your body look more symmetrical while creating more definition for your waist and giving  the illusion of a curvier shape.

Also regularly referred to as the Inverted Triangle body type, the strawberry body shape has:

  • A straight and squared shoulder line that is proportionately wider than the hips.
  • Large bust
  • Little definition between waist and hip
  • Flat hips and bottom
strawberry body shape

When it comes to dressing well, it’s all about knowing your proportions and balancing them out. The aim of the game for the inverted triangle, or strawberry body shape is to even out the top and bottom and bring them into perfect alignment.

You can do this by either:

  • Minimising the width of your top half
  • Creating the illusion of width on your bottom half
  • Defining your waist.

Tops for the strawberry shape

Wear dark colors on your top half as these will slim down your shoulder line, You should try to avoid shoulder pads or puffed sleeves as these will have to the opposite effect.

Try tops (or dresses) in a wrap style, these will draw the eye line down and away from the bust and shoulder area. Another style that works well for your body type are tops that go in at the waist and hug your curves or give the illusion of doing so.

The bardot (off the shoulder) neckline is super stylish right now, but this style can accentuate your broad shoulders, so some Strawberries prefer to not wear this style of top.

Peplum tops are also fabulous for your body type as they balance your shoulders and hips, giving the illusion of a fitted waist and curvy hips. Peplum tops are also good for big dinners – they can hide a multitude of dessert helpings!

What to wear for the strawberry body shape Eloquii faux wrap top
Faux Wrap Top - Eloquii
Torrid Foxy Cami Top What to wear for the Strawberry Body Shape
Foxy Cami Top - Torrid

Coats/Jackets for the strawberry shape

Like the apple body shape opt for single-breasted coats with sleek lines rather than double-breasted styles. Double-breasted coats and jackets as well as styles that have a lot of detail around the neck and top half (think epaulets, large collar, shoulder pads etc)  as they will emphasize your broad shoulders.

Structured and/or tailored jackets are not a good look on most strawberries, so wave that blazer goodbye. Instead, choose a waterfall jacket. They have a much softer look and guide the eye down and away from your top half.

Pretty Little Thing Waterfall Coat
Plus Black Waterfall Coat - Pretty Little Thing

Dresses for the strawberry body shape

Your gorgeous figure looks fantastic in dresses. We love wrap styles on a strawberry body shape because they draw attention down from your shoulders to your slim waist. It’s always great to have a V neck style dress with your body shape; it’s extremely flattering.

what to weasr for the strawberry body shape Eloquii wrap maxi dress
Wrap Maxi Dress - Eloquii

Skater dresses or styles with a fuller/flared skirt are also a great style for your figure. The flare out style of these dresses helps to balance out your figure and even out your silhouette.

Dress necklines that work best for you include scoop and V-necks and use your cleavage to your advantage.

Cross my heart maxi dress Soncy
Cross My Heart Maxi Dress - Soncy

Trousers for the strawberry shape

Bold, bright and patterns galore!! Whilst its a good idea to keep a plainer look to your top to diminish your broad shoulders patterns and bright or light colors are suggested, if not encouraged in trousers, skirts and shorts to balance out your silhouette.

Forest Rose Print Palzzo Pants
Forest Rose Print Palazzo Pants - 17 Sundays

The type of fabric that your trousers are made from can also add bulk and definition so why not try cord or tweed.

Fits that work well for you include flared, straight or wide-leg trousers and harem pants. Bonus points if your trousers have front pleating.

For jeans choose lighter washes such as stonewash or even colored denim in straight or flared fits as these will balance your shoulders.

What to wear for the strawberry body shape Ulla Popken
Best Fit Slim Leg Sophie Fit Stretch Pants - Ulla Popken

Skirts for the strawberry shape

Keep your skirts full and flared for a balanced look and don’t be afraid to ‘go big or go home’ on patterns. A flared skirt will enhance your hips and balance out your top section.

Courageous Taste Skater Skirt - Modcloth

Please note that due to GDPR Modcloth is currently unable to sell to Europe.


For the strawberry body shape, you should think about where your accessories will sit on your body. Scarves, necklaces, brooches, earrings and any other accessories worn around the shoulder and neck are can draw attention upwards and emphasize your top-heavy frame. Wearing a pendant necklace on a long chain or even wearing a scarf loosely around the neck with the ends hanging down to the waist of hips draws attention downwards

Keep your chunky jewelry for rings and bracelets.

Wearing a belt is a great way to define your waist, the chunkier the better

Finally, let’s take a look at bags.

It seems silly that the bag that you carry all your stuff around it can have an impact on how your body is seen but choose the wrong bag and it can all go wrong.

Bags to avoid for the strawberry body shape include small clutches and bags worn at the shoulder as these will highlight your broad shoulders. Try to go for a bag with a long strap.


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