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Thursday, March 24, 2022

What To Wear To A Funeral When You’re Plus Size

Many people struggle to find something suitable to wear to a funeral or memorial event, and plus-size women are no exception. Though our grief may feel overwhelming at such times, it is still good to present ourselves appropriately and not appear unkempt or too casual. For instance, you most probably would not attend a funeral wearing a skater dress or a denim skirt!

It doesn’t have to be unduly difficult for plus-size women to find appropriate mourning clothes. We’ll help you find some classic and unique ensembles for both traditional and non-traditional funerals. Below are some plus-size funeral outfit ideas to ensure you are always ready to look the part during such somber events.

Plus Size Women’s Guide On How To Dress For Funerals

One of the reasons it can be challenging to dress for funerals is that different people have different norms, cultures, and values for such occasions. As a result, one has to be particularly careful not to dress in a way that may offend some attendees, such as in a showy bodysuit. In most cases, it is recommended that you stay away from brightly colored dresses or flashy over-the-top pieces. The following are some acceptable options:

Elegant Kimonos

For funerals, darker and subdued colors are considered to be the most appropriate, and modesty is key. If you’re a plus-size woman, you can opt to keep your shoulders covered with a black and stylish kimono. You may also go for a soft-colored piece with a flowy fabric and elegant abstract print. 

Kimonos go well with almost all types of dresses, from knee-length to midi to maxi; but be sure to avoid wearing mini-dresses for a funeral! 

You can further complement the kimono with a pair of nude heels to obtain that perfect elongated look. To top things off, wear some silver earrings to add some tasteful sparkle to your ensemble.

Winter Funeral Outfit

Sticking to black is always a safe bet for funerals. Some other generally acceptable colors include gray and navy blue shades. In the case of a winter funeral, wear a pair of woolen or corduroy pants and match it up with black or gray boots. Doing so will allow you to remain comfortable throughout the funeral service, both indoors and outdoors.

Appropriate Skirts

If you’re wearing a skirt to a funeral service, make sure that it is of an appropriate and modest length, cut at the knee or below. Go with a plain solid color, or two tone micro print. Flared skirts are a good choice as they are comfortable, appealing, and not too extravagant. For your feet, you can wear either a pair of short black heels or flats to match.

Striped Tulip Skirt

If you're attending a funeral or memorial service during the spring season, you can opt for a white-striped tulip skirt. Pair it up with a loose-fitting black top, as tulip skirts typically hug the body, and finish things off with a classy belt. This will give you a nice silhouette while ensuring your look stays demure. Go with classic black wedges for your feet and accessorize with a silver necklace to top things off with some sparkle.

Black Cape Dress

If you would like to present yourself in the most sleek and elegant style at a funeral, a cape dress could be the perfect option. An attached-to-dress cape is the best way to cover your shoulders and arms for a more formal funeral service without the danger of the cape falling off. Such a piece will give you a look that is smooth and sharp but still respectful. Pair with nude heels so you don’t appear too dark or conservative.

To Wind Up

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, there is more and more diversity in fashion and looks for people of all different shapes and sizes. The increasing availability of plus-size outfits shows that body positivity is not just for the beach and the club, but for more somber occasions as well.