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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Does Zara Have Plus Sizes?

Zara is undoubtedly a popular fashion brand, but if you're looking for the perfect skater dress, you might be wondering if Zara has plus sizes—and, if so, are they any good?

We've found that while Zara sizes run from XXS up to XXL, it's not easy to find any current styles in anything above the standard large size. Which means that Zara may not be the top choice for plus-size women or dressing when you're apple shaped and want to add a little zing to your wardrobe.

Today we'll share some tips to help you find alternative, sustainable fashion labels that are more size-inclusive.

Finding Fashion Brands With Plus-Size Ranges

Sharing recommendations is so much easier with the growing number of dedicated plus-size designers producing pieces that make us ready to glam it all the way up.

However, if you're wondering does Victoria Secret have plus size, along with brands like Zara, you'll probably know that gorgeous pieces for bigger bodies can be hard to come by at times.

Way too many retailers are years behind the times, with collections that stop at certain sizes. Here at Insyze, we love nothing more than showcasing some of the awesome plus-size brands out there, blazing a trail for body positivity! 

It's also hugely frustrating when you find that plus-size clothing ranges are of inferior quality compared to petite alternatives, limiting options and making it tricky to free your inner fashion diva.

Not to worry! Insyze is a one-stop personal shopping outlet where you can select incredible plus-size pieces made from quality fabrics designed to fit a larger body beautifully.

Which Plus Size Pieces Can I Buy In-Store?

There's nothing much better than a shopping spree with your besties, and maybe stopping for a quick coffee break before hitting the next set of changing rooms.

If you're an in-store shopper looking for larger sizes, here are a few pieces of advice to make the experience a brilliant one:

  • Focus on knitwear: Knit fabrics contain a good amount of stretch, and you'll have more options to choose from.
  • Choose elastic waistbands over zippers every time: A store with a lower-size range may have some fabulous elastic-waist pieces that are almost one-size-fits-all (even if they don't stock your exact clothing size).
  • Visit the online store before you go: You'll get a better idea of whether they've got a good plus-size range. If you can check what's actually in stock, all the better.

The reality is that many fast fashion brands don't cater to plus-size women. So it's an unfortunate truth that having to rifle through the racks looking in vain for your size is a real possibility that can be a tad disheartening.

If you're done with the hassle, online shopping is a great alternative. And we're always happy to pick pieces that resonate with your style. 

You can try everything on at home and shimmy your way down your hallway catwalk to feel the fabric and fit without any inhibition.

We choose retailers with a true commitment to body diversity, and test out all the top plus-size brands to make it easier to select styles that reflect your personality.

Check out some of our recent brand reviews on the Insyze blog, or take a stroll through some of our latest plus-size fashion articles to see what's hot for spring 2022.

Featured image: @byemargaux