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Saturday, March 12, 2022

Dresses for Apple Shaped; Plus-Size Edition

We recently wrote about our recommendations of what to wear if you had an Apple body shape, helping you to find THE jeans, as well as great capsule closet options. Now we want to take a deep dive into finding the perfect dresses for Apple shaped plus size bodies. Whether you’re dressing up for an event, flaunting your feminine curves in a skater dress or looking poised and ready for business wearing a wrap style, we’ve got some great tips to show you how you can work your proportions.

Check out our full guide on dressing when you're apple shaped or for more Insyze body shape guides see our top tips for dressing for pear shaped

For plus size women, apple and pear are probably some of the most common body shapes. If you’re pear shaped, you normally carry weight in the lower half of your body so this shape is characterized by a voluptuous booty and thunder thighs. 

For apples though, you carry weight in the top half. So if you have wide shoulders, large bust and a protruding tummy - congrats you have an apple body shape. 

Our #1 tip for finding your perfect dress for your shape is about illusion. 

Options for this include:

  • Making it look like your waistline is either higher or lower than your true waistline.
  • Creating definition to your true waistline.
  • Choose V-necks and plunging necklines as these will create angles to make your body look less rounded. High necklines like hatler, crew or turtlenecks can emphasize your upper body and make you look top heavy.

Unless you want to highlight all your lumps and bumps, try to avoid figure hugging styles like bodycon dresses or even any dress that is made using super clingy fabrics like spandex or elastane. 

Skater dresses 

A go-to style for the Apple body shape is the skater dress. The full skirt is a great way of balancing out your silhouette and, by creating definition to your waistline, gives the illusion of an hourglass shape. 

Alternatively, look for A-line dresses to create a similar look. 

Wrap dresses 

From the office to the bar, brunch to theater, the classic wrap dress is a winner for lots of different body shapes including Apples. By tying the belt just underneath the bust you are creating a flattering empire waist and giving your bust a lift too! We love a wrap as they are so comfy to wear and you can decide how tight or loose you want to wear it depending on the occasion.

Look for dresses with V-necks and long or ¾ length sleeves.

Shift Dresses

Shift styles that skim past your waistline and highlight your gorgeous legs and are a great option for Apple shaped plus size bodies. We recommended looking for more structured styles and avoiding thin, flimsy fabrics.

All about the ruching

If you do want to wear a figure-hugging style then we say go for it! Look for dresses that have ruched detail to the waist. It’s super flattering and actually makes your tummy look smaller.

Do you have an Apple body shape? What style of dress do you like to wear? Share your looks with us on Insyze or on the Plus Size Outfit Share group on Facebook.