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Monday, March 14, 2022

How to Dress for Plus-Size Pear Shape

Do you love the latest fashion trends, but are unsure how to dress your plus-size, pear-shaped body to bring out all your best attributes? We hear you!

At Insyze, we're huge advocates for learning how to love yourself in the body you're blessed with and finding tips to make you feel ready to conquer the world (even if you're just having a relaxing sofa day).

There are tons of styles you should check out, including dresses for an apple shaped body that swish with every spin, or a classic skater dress with a flirty skirt to embrace your curves.

Let's run through some of our picks for those shaped like pears and apples that help you feel your absolute gorgeous best.

Creating Your Custom Plus-Size Fashion Collections

Fashion ebbs and flows, but the best way to stand out from the crowd is to ignore all the rules.

That's right—styling is fun, individual, creative and all about embodying the confidence you want. And don’t worry if you need to fake it till you make it—we all do that!

Found a dress that brings you joy? Throw it on, adorn your beautiful self with great jewelry, and strut your stuff in a killer pair of heels.

It's well worth remembering to stick to your personal style, because it's so easy to get caught up in the latest fashion guides and buy pieces that don't feel like you. 

While our expert personal shoppers are always here to share some great tips, you ultimately need to go your own way until you find your style groove.

Here's where Insyze collections come in. Create a wish list of pieces you adore, and mix and match your outfit inspirations until you find that perfect combo.

Top Dressing Tips for Plus-Size Pears

As a pear, you're blessed with curvy hips. One of the top ways to dress is to make sure you choose great quality plus-size brands that fit like a glove on your lower half.

There’s no reason to yearn for an hourglass shape. You can emphasize your waistline and create a stunning silhouette by going for:

  • Tops that fit beautifully around your waist area.
  • Detailing on the shoulders to balance your upper half against your sashaying hips. Remember, shoulder pads are in these days! 
  • Statement necklaces or bold prints to bring attention to your bustline.
  • A-line dresses, skirts and tunics that give a sleek, stylish vibe.
  • Cropped cardigans or jackets to celebrate your natural shape.

The problem for most people with plus-size, pear-shaped bodies isn't that they don’t look fabulous in pretty much anything. It’s that off-the-rack and generic sized-up pieces tend to fit poorly. You also don't want to dim your shine with flowy tops that disguise your figure, which you'll find in so many unimaginative retailers.

Insyze believes that fit is the most underrated aspect of plus-size dressing. 

A fantastic cut, authentic plus-size garments, and premium fabrics can make a huge difference in how you look and, more importantly, how you feel.

On the Insyze website you can create a quick profile, set your budget and choose a few style favorites. Our stylists will get to work making recommendations to help you look amazing.

It's simple, easy, and fun—as fashion should always be!